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HRT Doc in Bakersfield, Ca?


I need a good HRT doc in the Bakersfield Ca area. I recently switched from my doc to an anti-aging doc. He prefers saliva testing for hormones, but after reading all the negative feed back on here about saliva testing, I think I may need another doc.

I really need help soon! I'm hurting bad from a total mistreatment by my last 2 docs. Both had me on 200 mg test cyp a week without an AI, and neither checked E2 levels. This new doc put me on hcg and lowered my test shot to 80mg. I bought some "natural" type anti-e shit from him, but the way I'm feelng tells me im still dealing with estrogen poisoning.

I'm at work right now, and I am feeling absolutely horrible. If anyone has a good doc in my area I sure would appreciate the help.


There is a sticky for finding a TRT doc.


Thanks KSman, I’m still trying to figure things out on the forum. I’ll get the hang of it soon I hope.
I’m looking to have my own labs done through lab corp. I will get the labs suggested in the sticky done. Do you know about how much $ for the lab work? I am feeling really low right now, and I want some labs to post up so I can get some advice. My new doc seems to think he can get me feeling good again, but until I feel it I can’t believe it. I’ve been dealing with this so long that I’m worried if I’ll ever feel good again.