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HRT Doc in Atlanta / Marietta GA


Looking for a good HRT / Anti-aging doctor in Atlanta, Marietta Georgia. My General Practice doc was ready to prescribe Test, but not ready to prescribe HCG or Arimidex. I'm still looking.


If all else fails, get on the Testosterone injections alone...there are thousands of men who are on just Test and are doing fine (even the ones on the fucked up every 2 week protocols).

Not everyone needs hcg and an AI, despite what you read in the stickeys. Those were written when we were a smaller community and not the #1 google search, so at that point we were addressing mostly outliers who still didn't feel right on Test injections alone.

And now that you're here, you have an appreciation for what other factors need to be accounted for as you start TRT. You know what symptoms to look out for and what likely causes are, and most importantly, how to remedy them.

It's easier to work with your doctor in baby steps. I would suggest trying T alone and then trying to convince your doc to add things in incrementally. If not, the good news is that AI's and HCG are readily available from underground sources on the www. You may be forced to self treat in that regard for a while, but by that point you will be far ahead of where you are now.