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HRT Diet and Training

As stated before I am an HRT patient, that recently was raised to 1.5 CC every 2 weeks. I need to get my actual test levels so I know what I am working with…
Ok here is my question…

I am embarking on a possible new Job that requires a hefty PT test, basically the Marine PFTX3 lol , have doen it before but that was 13 yrs ago. I will be a security contractor for the NAVY in a different capacity than I am now “active security” Cant say more.
I need to kick my fitness back into high gear, but have very little time to do it.

Would a hormone manipulation type diet like CKD, or Anabolic diet be usefull to me to aid my goal, or if your free test levels are low, would it be good for BF reduction ,and not performance? Any advice would help greatly…
Would the addition of Trib help? I know that it is 90% diet and PT,but being HRT was curious if there was anything that would help out.

thanks all

Go for ALLERGEN testing- what empowers one man, gives the other gas and inflammation of the system . .

Once you know what you can have, I always tell clients ,“If you can’t HUNT IT or GROW IT”, don’t eat it . .

Consider using an x-vest for GPP as whole body will benefit from overall strength and concurrent fat loss:


Look for balance in the diet ( read on insulin management)

Use the insulin managing supplements:
r-ALA, Chromium and EFA array from fish oil, flax oil and sesame lignans

Kill the booze as it kills the T and consider using a good pro-T supp like TRIBEX or Alpha Male

That should be a solid start :wink: