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HRT Cops Suspended, Investigated

Fallout from the DEA raids have created LEO vs LEO paranoia…Now, even Cops with prescriptions for HRT are now getting slammed for so-called “steroid abuse”! (Civilians are not far behind, look at the DEA busts at Cannibis “Clinics”)…The war against Testosterone, hysteria & Witch hunts continue…

Three NYPD suspended for alleged steroid use
Thursday, November 1st 2007, 4:00 AM
Three NYPD cops were suspended Wednesday after they allegedly tested positive for steroid use, sources said.

The three - suspended without pay - were among six officers under investigation for having allegedly purchased steroids from an illegal Brooklyn-Staten Island drug ring. One of the suspended cops - Tab Haynes of the Staten Island task force - allegedly bought a topical steroid cream, as well as injections.

Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association , said the discipline “smacks of favoritism.”

Brooklyn Deputy Chief Michael Marino had earlier admitted he bought a topical steroid cream, with a prescription, from a Brooklyn drugstore under investigation. Marino and a second chief, Deputy Chief Jack Trabitz, voluntarily took drug tests and were cleared by the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

From what you posted, one guy had a prescription but ordered from a bad source, sucks to be him. The rest ordered from known drug rings, did not have prescriptions, and nobody on HRT orders both creams/gels AND injectables. I’d imagine there’s more to it than just “cops with HRT got busted.”

[quote]Schwarzenegger wrote:
From what you posted, one guy had a prescription but ordered from a bad source, sucks to be him. The rest ordered from known drug rings, did not have prescriptions, and nobody on HRT orders both creams/gels AND injectables. I’d imagine there’s more to it than just “cops with HRT got busted.”[/quote]
I don’t claim to know all the facts, just what was reported. First the NYPD, next?..Bottom line is: The witch hunt continues…

See? The DEA is a fuck job.

[quote]BigRagoo wrote:
See? The DEA is a fuck job.[/quote]
and their butt-buddies at BATFE too…

One more…

APD To Test Officers For Steroids
UPDATED: 12:04 pm MDT November 1, 2007
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The Albuquerque Police Department will test some employees for steroid use.

City officials have approved a procedure for such tests.

The policy allows police administrators to test any officer or civilian worker who shows signs of steroid use.

Chief Ray Schultz says testing is important because using anabolic steroids can result in rage or unpredictable behavior.

He said he wants to test a civilian employee after other workers noticed changes in that person’s appearance.

Under the policy, he must write the city’s human resources director requesting the test and stating “reasonable suspicion” before it can be done.

Flippin’ tard’!..Stop building muscle NOW!, or be subject to the new Inquisition…

Hell, you don’t even have to be human anymore to be part of the current anti-steroid hysteria! Talk about “Chickensh*t”…

Police: Cockfighting Operation Featured ‘Swords’ Attached To Steroid-Filled Roosters
Crimeline Tip Leads To Arrests

EUSTIS, Fla. – Hundreds of roosters and hens pumped full of steroids and apparently bred to fight to the death were confiscated during a raid of a major cockfighting ring, according to investigators in Eustis.

Officers said a Crimeline tip led them to a home located at 34532 Lester Way in Eustis.

When agents raided the home Tuesday, they found 300 roosters and hens as well as swords and weapons that were apparently attached to the animals during fights, Local 6 reported.
“These roosters have been raised for absolutely no other reason than to fight, and they’ve been pumped full of steroids, so they really have no other use. They’re not safe to eat,” Lake County sheriff’s Sgt. John Herrell said.

Police said thousands of dollars in cash, sharpening stones, restraints, carrying cases, and illegal narcotics were also found on the property.

Manuel Cirilo, 67, and his son, Oberlin Cirilo, 40, were charged with cruelty to animals, a third-degree felony in connection with the raid.
The hens and roosters were handed over to animal control officials, and a judge will later determine the fate of the animals.

Polk County officials, who assisted Lake County in the raid, told Local 6 News that similar past busts have resulted in the euthanization of all hens and roosters involved in cockfighting.

Officials said the arrestees’ two wives and Oberlin Cirilo’s three children also lived in the home.

Jacked birds? The evils of steroids know no bounds!..

We are not the only ones discussing this, interesting Flame-War ensues!..Another dispatch from the war on Testosterone…

Steroids are not the answer
By Tami Tolley | 2007, 01:47 PM

Do I think steroids give athletes an unfair advantage? Someone asked me this and I wanted to respond by saying �??Hell Yeah I do.�??

If it wasn�??t unfair, then why would people use them when they know they shouldn�??t be? Take a look at the story that Hal Habib wrote in Sunday�??s paper. It�??s sickening to think that a dad would give his 13-year-old son steroids to help him perform better in his sport (inline skating).

In 2004, at the young age of 14, this national record-holder failed a test administered by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, which tests American Olympians. In 2006, he accepted a two-year ban from the sport he loves. This all started when he was 13. Come on.

What kind of father allows this to happen to their son? We all know the answer to that question.

I have an 11-year-old son and the thought of putting any type of drug into his body to better him at his sport is inconceivable.

Barry Bonds is a prime example of what steroids can do. Don�??t get me wrong, I think Barry Bonds is a great athlete and a fierce hitter, but he could have been great without using drugs. I think so much less of Bonds now and there should be an asterisk next to his name with the homerun record.

Olympic track star Marion Jones, once the symbol for everything right about women in sports, admitted she used steroids. Her Olympic medals have been taken from her. What about her relay teammates who possibly have to return their medals, too? If they are innocent, is this fair? See Jones�?? tearful apology here .

The 2006 Tour de France winner Floyd Landis had his title stripped from him because he tested positive for steroids.

I could go on and on about athletes who have used them.

For individuals who are not competing professionally in sports and want to use steroids, I say if that�??s what they want to do with their body, then fine. There are a lot of people out there who want to use steroids to get bigger, to look better, etc�?�That�??s a choice that each individual has the right to make.

To me, the dangers of steroid use far outweigh the advantage of gains in strength and muscle mass.

By Karen

2007 2:59 PM | Link to this

While I agree wholeheartedly with you when it comes to giving steroids to children, I still think athletes should be allowed to use them. If not, then we need to ban any advantage one player has over the other. Make everyone use the same bat, work out the same amount, weigh the same,practice the exact same number of hours. Lets level the playing field�?�.and then I�??d like to see how many of you still watch sports. Bigger, faster, stronger makes for an exciting game.

By paul

2007 5:54 PM | Link to this

should we put an asterisk next to Babe Ruths name because he did not have to hit against any black pitchers.A large portion of the talent pool was relagated to the negro league and the babe never had to face them.
Although barry Bonds is quite arrogant and unlikable keep in mind he was hitting against guys that were also on hgh and steroids As you have seen many of the players that have been �??outed�?? over the last few months have been pitchers. I think you will find that over 70% of major league pitchers were on hgh and other steroids. In my opinion steroids should be banned and hgh should not be until they can find a test for it. how can you ban something you cant even test for?.

By Joe

2007 8:26 AM | Link to this

The underlying cause of steroids in sports is money and fame. There�??s so much money at stake that players feel they need an edge. If you were a minor league player and the only thing that seperated you from the Big leagues is a cycle of steroids why would an athelete not want to do it. They could be financially secure forever after a few seasons. If you were an average Major league player and a cycle could make you an all-star and potentially millions�?�bottom line is that the pressure is there. The system created this problem. Any top athelete in any sport can make millions and be famous.

By dikenson joseph

2007 11:08 AM | Link to this

u father should not have gave you steriods since u were 14 years old because u probably think it s good for u but it�??s not. all i would like to say is that u should laid of the steriods in get help.

By GusWaldo

2007 11:39 AM | Link to this

Hey Paul,

Because of people like you is the reason this country is backwards. What does color have to do with pitcher�??s ability the �??BABE�?? faced! Get real bro, you should definitely be TASED!

HGH , GHB, CBG, whatever the stuff…no one should be allowed to use! Go pound sand�?�… By the way…

By Jaren

2007 12:01 PM | Link to this

There has never been any studies on humans, it has all been blown out of proportion. Teens should not use steroids because they are still developing. An adult on the other hand has a right to do what he wants. All of you people pass judgement on users, and the truth is you have no idea about steroids. There are users and abusers just like alcohol, look at all the violence and deaths caused by that and it�??s still legal. The reason why steroids are illegal is B.S. politics. I have been a user for many years as a bodybuilder, I go to the doctor on a regular basis and my body is just fine. Know the facts before you pass judgement because most of you have no idea.

By gallagator

2007 12:04 PM | Link to this

When dealing with �??professionals,�?? one has to remember they will be confident�?�they need to be�?�in order to compete. when your number one everyone is looking to take the title from you. regarding barry bonds though; i�??m not a scientist so i can�??t say for certain if he�??s used steriods or not. the only thing that matters is that you have the trust of those who believe in you. because of his unwillingness to take drug tests, his attitude towards the truth (as well as other players), and his arrogance with fans, barry bonds has lost the trust he once had. once your integrity gone you�??ve got nothing left. unfortunatly i do believe bonds was using steriods, and i refuse to acknowledge him as reigning homerun king until he allows the experts to prove otherwise.

By gallagator

2007 12:14 PM | Link to this

in regards to jarens comments�?�its not politics, its business. in bodybuilding steriods are widely accepted, though seldom flaunted�?�why is that? the bottom line here is that baseball has guidelines the players must follow. if there is an unfair advantage who can say for sure it was competition at all�?�what about personal accomplishment�?�how can someone accept the admiration of fans when they know without the steriods they would just be another fan themself. professional atheletes are people who we look up to because they can do what the rest of us can�??t�?�on their own ability. give us something to believe in again.

By Joe

2007 12:41 PM | Link to this

It�??s still amazes me the opinion that people have concerning steroids even though they know absolutely nothing about them. These are the same people that don�??t know what to do with their life that day until they wake up and let CNN tell them. What do you know about steroids besides what you�??ve seen on the news or read in a magazine? Obviously nothing and you obviously believe everything that you see on the news because what you state and claim in your post is completely inaccurate. You took what you saw on the news and read in some magazine and formed an opinion, knowing really nothing about the subject at all. Well I on the other hand know a fair amount concerning the subject because I was in a professional sport and dealt with steroids in professional sports for some time. First of all, do you even realize that taking steroids for Barry Bonds could have made his swing worse and not better??? Did you know that?? Steroids are not magic. It doesn�??t work that way. Steroids volumize your muscle cells to hold more water. Since your muscle cells are 75% water, that allows your muscle cells to grow larger. When your muscles grow rapidly from steroid usage, your flexibility is also inhibited. So in reality steroids could have made Barry Bonds hit worse and not better. How do we actually know that it didn�??t? We don�??t. Steroids are not magic and they do not give you athletic ability and it�??s proven that they can also make your athletic ability WORSE and not better. Now, let�??s say that steroids helped Barry Bonds with the added strength because him and his trainer were intelligent enough to keep him flexible. So now he�??s hitting them 660 ft instead of 630 ft. Either way it�??s still a home run. Steroids do not give you that much of a significant advantage where you�??re not hitting home runs then you take steroids and now you�??re crushing them out of the park. Again, it doesn�??t work that way. I�??ve personally witnessed athletes take steroids and make their athletic ability WORSE not BETTER!! This is because mainstream people, including athletes think that steroids are magic and that it will make them a better athlete. Now, when you take a sport like bodybuilding or powerlifting steroids can give you a significant advantage due to the muscle mass increase. Again, it�??s not magic. You still need to be on a strict nutrition and workout plan for the steroids to actually work. But in these sports, EVERYONE does them. EVERYONE. It�??s just what you have to do to become a professional powerlifter or bodybuilder. So, if everyone is doing them in the sports that you are in is it unfair? If so, to who? No one. Let me tell you something, steroids are rampant in professional sports. In professional baseball we�??re talking about 80%. Football, 90%. Cycling 99.9% . They are all doing them, they are just not all getting caught. It�??s become the mainstream of professional sports. I just hate it when people think that you can take steroids and it�??s just magically going to make you better at the sport you are in. Most of these athletes don�??t even know that it�??s making their athletic ability worse, especially in the sports where flexibility and timing are an issue. Yes, it�??s sad that everyone in professional sports is doing them, but to say that it�??s unfair is b******t. THEY ARE ALL DOING THEM, WHEN ARE YOU PEOPLE GOING TO WAKE UP AND FACE THE FACTS. In professional sports, it�??s what you have to do. Point blank. Yes, it�??s sad but the only way it will stop is if they implement strict testing procedures to stop it. I don�??t blame the athletes, I blame the people in charge of these organizations for letting it happen. Oh yeah, and steroids are SOOOOOO dangerous, right? Did you know that in over 20 years there has been not ONE single documented death from steroids?? Here are some statistics that maybe you should teach your kid about that are a little more important than Barry Bonds, the home run record and steroids: Around 5.4 million deaths a year are caused by tobacco in the world. Over 438,000 Americans (18.1 percent of all deaths) die because of smoking each year. Secondhand smoke kills about 50,000 of them. Each year more the federal government estimates that 100,000 people will die as a result of alcohol related causes. So why don�??t you wake up and write a column that can actually help people and children instead of falling into the herd of sheep and jumping on the bandwagon of people in this world that are completely clueless or just ignore my post and write about what Britney Spears did with her hair the other day.

By Karen

2007 1:12 PM | Link to this

You go Joe! And anyone who wants to insinuate that wrestlers are dying from steroid abuse should face the fact that it is more than likely their pain killer addictions that killed them.

By Paul

2007 1:29 PM | Link to this


You state you �??have an 11-year-old son and the thought of putting any type of drug into his body to better him at his sport is inconceivable�??.

Everyone I�??ve met who played high school football who is now age 35 or older has similar ailments, usually severe: (1) shoulder injuries, (2) knee injuries, (3) signs of impending heart disease from eating lots of unhealthy food (red meat) to �??get big�??.

Show me ONE healthy, older ex-football player before you declare how much you care for your son�??s well being. You are the one taking him to football practice, right?

By gallagator

2007 1:50 PM | Link to this


obviously this subject makes you angry�?�reminds me of how barry bonds reacted when he was confronted with the same topic. by the way�?�if your so sure that steriods and other performance enhancing drugs can make an athelete perform worse, why would they allow themselves to take them? since your one of the loudest voices against it being �??all about the money,�?? don�??t you think an agent or trainer would want to protect his investment better than that? your facts don�??t add up to common sense. and just because you can hide behind a few statistics you happen to know does�??nt mean you now the truth. by the way, where did you find out your facts? i imagine one of your nutritionist friends or a bodybuilding magazine�?�wake up�?�these people need you to believe there is nothing wrong with what they�??re selling you. some of the biggest lobbyists on capitol hill are drug companies�?�the same ones who produce these performance enhancing drugs. you say you can�??t believe how un-informed people can be�?�well i say i can�??t believe how ignorant you can be to think your not lining the pockets of the same people you claim to hate.

By jaren

2007 2:39 PM | Link to this

Actually most people get their roids from underground labs and that is a fact. So, lobbyists only interest in roids is bring the underground labs down so the �??legal�?? drug companies can capitalize on all the revenue. That is a fact. Why else are they going into Mexico and busting labs etc, 100�??s of millions of dollars are being made and the government cant touch a penny of it. That is why lobbyist want them busted they want their medical labs to make that money.

By Joe

2007 2:46 PM | Link to this

First of all, I didn�??t write the first post. That�??s a different Joe. I never said anything about money in my post. Secondly you need to read my post again because I was talking about mainstream public and athletes who know nothing about the drug think that steroids are magic. They�??re not. That�??s what I�??m saying. I also stated that it can make someones athletic ability worse due to flexibility issues. It can also slow a person down from the weight gain from the water retention. This can make a athlete perform worse in many sports. I�??ve seen it. It doesn�??t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Steroids are rampant because people THINK that it gives them an egde. That�??s why they do it. It�??s more psychological than anything I think in sports like baseball. In many cases it can give you an edge, in many cases, it doesn�??t. Steroids are not a magical drug where you just take it and poof your a better athlete, there�??s so many other variables that are involved and need to be considered. That�??s what I�??m saying. I�??m also saying that if someone is trying to prevent their kid from hurting themselves, they should concentrate on legal drugs that are readily available such as alcohol and tobacco that actually kill millions of people. Not steroids where not one documented death has been reported in 20 years. I think you�??re the one that is confused because you know absolutely nothing about the subject that is in discussion here. Why don�??t you jump onto another column or discussion and go bother them because you are obviously way out of place here. Not out of place? OK, well before you Google this, ask yourself if you even know any names of performance enhancing drug companies? Not distributors. Manufacturers. I thought not. Also, are you or have you been in a professional sport where steroids are rampant? I thought not. Have you ever taken steroids? I thought not. Are you a doctor? I thought not. Keep your mouth shut then!.

By gallagator

2007 3:18 PM | Link to this

like i said, this subject obviously upsets you�?�the point of a blog is so people can express their opinions by the way, or are you just here to try and make people angry with you. so your a professional huh, well real professionals (and real people) don�??t do things to gain an unfair edge over others with the same goals, they just do the best they can and let the chips land where they may. you don�??t sound like you know very much about this subject either when you say things like �??in many cases it can give you an edge, in many cases it does�??nt.�?? face it, you have an opinion�?�thats why your posting here and not out there being visited by the reporters and journalists and scientists because of your knowledge. you don�??t know as much as the experts, whose segments and articles you can see if you go to any of the major broadcasting network sites, and i�??ll bet whatever pro-sport you think you were good at you cheated in�?�i would�??nt have been one to follow your career. by the way, i bet you cheat in life too�?�it always catches up with you. (some friendly advice.)

By gallagator

2007 4:02 PM | Link to this


one thing i will give you credit for though is that you took steriods and admit to it, which is more than barry bonds will do. personally i don�??t think its a crime or even a poor decision to take steriods either�?�but i draw the line when someone says (and bonds said it often) i�??m a better player than everyone else (in as many words.) if what you say is what you believe you should be the first one angry at him for not coming forward and voicing his endorsement for performance enhancing drugs, not angry at everyone else for the misunderstanding he helps to perpetuate.

By jaren

2007 4:05 PM | Link to this

Palm Beach Post, now you tell us steroids are not the way? What side are you on? Yeserday PBP glamorized the female fittness competitor for the NPC, who obviously uses steroids they all do. I have seen her plenty of times before and she has had alot of help. What side is this paper on? Dont you do real research on the people and subjects you write about?

By Joe

2007 4:05 PM | Link to this

I�??m not upset at all. I think it�??s quite amusing actually! Quite amusing to watch someone like yourself look stupid repeatedly. Over and over. You continue to argue a subject with your opinion on a subject that you have zero background in and know absolutely nothing about. I�??m not trying to make anyone upset nor am I upset. I�??m giving my opinion and my opinion is that you don�??t have any idea what you�??re talking about. I�??m not saying that I�??m an expert on steroids and it�??s effects within professional sports, I�??m just saying that I know a hell of a lot more than you do. I�??ve stated legitimate facts, numbers, my own accounts and research in my post. All you did was argue that I�??m not right, but you have not yet backed up anything that you�??ve said with any substantial information. You�??re probably one of these people that rationalizes everything and just argue with people because you have to be right. I bet you have some control and ego issues in your life�?�.it always catches up with you. (some friendly advice.) Now I�??ll give you some friendly advice�?�.It�??s OK to be wrong. It�??s not about being right. It�??s about doing the right thing. I�??m not condoning steroids here my friend. I think it�??s an absolute shame what they have done to professional sports. My post was about what people �??think�?? they are doing and what they actually do. You are one of these mainstream people that quoted �??someone accept the admiration of fans when they know without the steriods they would just be another fan themself. �?? �?� YOU actually believe that if you take steroids that you can become a professional baseball player? It�??s hilarious!! Listen here folks, Steroids actually teach you mechanics, how to hit a ball, catch grounders, throw signs, and hit home runs!!! Wow!! Is there a Steroid that I can take that can teach me how to be a professional golfer because I always wanted to learn how to golf??? Anyway, it�??s just funny how the publics�?? perception of steroids is that it�??s magic. Then again, these are the same fat, overweight people that want to stuff their face and not workout but yet want to take a magic pill to lose weight. Like I stated before, all I have seen here is an opinion of someone who watches CNN and reads magazine articles, then formulates an opinion. Do you honestly think that what you see on the news and what you read about what journalists write are the facts? They know less than you. They sensationalize everything to make it appealing. It�??s far from the truth.

By gallagator

2007 4:10 PM | Link to this


one thing i will give you credit for is the willingness to admit you used steriods and defend your decision publicly�?�thats more than barry bonds will do. in fact if what you say is what you believe you should be the first one angry with him for not coming forward and voiceing his use of performance enhancing drugs. after all its things like that which give steriods and similar drugs a bad reputation, not the people who don�??t understand. personally i don�??t believe taking steriods is a crime or something to be looked down on in the right setting, but i draw the line when your willing to tote the title of �??all time home run king�?? around and boast that your better then everyone who�??s ever even played baseball. perhaps if you�??d never taken them and tried to compete, but were passed over time and time again, you would have a different opinion on the matter.

By J

2007 4:20 PM | Link to this

[b]Ok Tami,

Another Newspaper writer that has no clue what they are writing about! Damn its ashame. Listen hear little one, before you make accusations about how bad or how steroids make you have some great skill, do some research[/b].

If that was the case, that steroids make these athletes who they are, why dosnt every professional bodybuilder get into professional sports??? They would all make 100 times more money!, Hummm I wonder, yes idiot thats the what your probably thinking right now, NO steroids dont make you have Hand Eye Cordination, speed, or any other skill involved in sports.

And for the fact that you said the risks outway the benefits? Who are you to voice your opinion when you no nothing and what you do know is wrong. Go back to Lititure school retard. Or please state some facts about how bad steroids are, because I could damn well state 1000 facts of how they benefit people, and I know for sure if I was to write a story like this I would have inclukded some facts. Because the facts are that there is no clinical studies showing any adverse side effects on the human body.

If you are so worried about your kid hurting himself on steroids, have you ever thought of all the real dangers that face our children??? Obviously not. If you read what Joe said about Tobacco killing people, or what about all the kids doing real narcotic such as weed, coke, painkillers, x, ghb, and not to even metion sexually transmitted diseases.

14,000 people everyday get infected with HIV!!! that should be your real concern, safe sex, or there is gonna be an epidemic soon to come.

Get real Tami, and try to write stories with a little more valitiy than 0 !!!

By Joe

2007 4:25 PM | Link to this

hey gallagator all bullcrap aside. Yes, if Bonds took the juice he should have admitted it. Yes, there�??s nothing I hate more than when people take drugs, deny it, and then try to claim that they are better than everyone. And as far as cheating. I believe that if you are in a sport on a level where EVERYONE in the sport is doing steroids than you are not cheating the other athletes. They are all on the same level at that point. If you do steroids in large amounts for an extended peroid of time, you can end up with health issues and then the only person who gets cheated in the end is you. As far as Bonds goes, I do have a stupid question here. Is there actually any proof that he did steroids? If not, why are people accusing him? Are they just assuming? If that�??s the case, that�??s not fair for him. But then again, if everyone and their mother was accusing me of doing steroids and I wasn�??t doing them, I would take a drug test right then and there to clear my name. Who knows. Either way, even if he was and is doing steroids, it�??s not the reason why he hit all those home runs. It�??s his raw talent. Steroids have been in baseball since the early 70�??s. Why weren�??t they cracking 70 homers then? And why weren�??t they cracking 70 homers in the late 80�??s and 90�??s when people didn�??t know that steroids existed in baseball and they were more widely used in that era than now? I�??ll tell you why. Steroids don�??t make you hit home runs. It�??s your athletic talent and ability. Do I think Bonds took the juice? Yes. Do I think it made him hit all those homers? No. Do I think he�??s a jerk? Yes.

By gallagator

2007 4:28 PM | Link to this


and one more thing, i can look back at the different posting today and your the only one telling someone else to �??shut your mouth�?? or calling them �??loser, fat, lazy, and stupid.�?? if your not angry, you have a funny way of expressing yourself�?�but you have a stance on who has issues don�??t you. you talk about facts but you did�??nt do the research, you talk like you know, but the truth is the facts you�??re coming up with are either from some website or news article too�?�you said you were once a bodybuilder, not a pharmaceutical scientist and developer. no one ever said taking performance enhancing drugs makes you a pro, but if its a matter of endorsing that opinion, you said a mouthful with the statistics you did post. you�??ve said over and over that steriods give you an edge, or at least a psychological edge, that makes you think you can�?�if steriods did�??nt effect performance, people would�??nt take them. you have�??nt backed up anything other than the fact you once took steriods and you don�??t like that people disapprove of that decision. people have that right whether you like it or not.

By gallagator

2007 4:39 PM | Link to this


in any event, i�??m also an athelete. i have several friends who are bodybuiders and supplement their workouts with protien drinks and rigorous nutrition. i said before that i respect you for what you were willing to say here on this blog. i�??ll also say though that in order to respect someone you need to feel somewhat respected yourself�?�do i think bonds isn�??t a great athelete, no. but i do think there is more to him than meets the eye. google some pics from when bonds started his career and compare them to now�?�significant upper body growth, looks unnatural. plus hes a strong hitter in a relatively small field�?�difficult to root for the guy anyway. signing out. Joe�?�hope to see you again.

By S.

2007 4:55 PM | Link to this

[b]I wonder �?� does steroid use affect brain cells? Because all of you �??roid defenders have horrible, horrible grammar.

I also wonder, if steroid use is as harmless as many people on here are claiming, why is it illegal? Really, you think the underground steroid companies are controlling major league sports? Get a grip.

Aside from that, steroids are proven to have a negative affect on the body and the brain.

Maybe after you all bone up on your 3rd grade grammar, you should read a little bit more about the subject and stop hiding behind supposed inside information and baseless percentages.[/b]

By Joe

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gallagator - I never said I was a professional bodybuilder. And I�??ve done 15 years of research on the subject. Real life research. The facts that I have stated are true and I really don�??t care where you think they are gathered from. Honestly I really don�??t care if people approve or disapprove of me taking steroids 10 years ago either. That�??s not what we are talking about here. When people ask me on the street I�??ll tell them I did them without blinking an eye. I�??m just saying that most people including you, are clueless on the subject. Yes, steroids give you an advantage. But NOT IN EVERY CASE and NOT IN EVERY SPORT. That�??s what you have to realize. Think about this: If Bonds took steroids, and that�??s what put the weight on him, and made him bigger and stronger, that does not mean faster and more talented. The added weight should have made him slower and less flexible, which would make him hit less home runs, not more. So w/o steroids he actually could have hit more than he did. Mind boggling, huh? But that�??s how it works when you put weight on like he did from the steroids, or at least from the kind of steroids he was doing. From the noticable weight gain he was probably using highly androgenic steroids like Anadrol-50, Dianabol, Suspension, Halotestin, etc. which cause strength gain, size, and water retention. These types of drugs will actually slow you down. Make you stronger and bigger, yes, but less flexible and slower. Now, if he was smart he could have used a more anabolic and not androgenic agent such as Winstrol-V, Primobolon, Anavar, Equipoise, etc. With those agents he would not have had minimal weight gain, but at the same time had increase fast-twitch muscle density. This could have made him stronger and faster, I believe. Magical, no. Hit 660ft vs 630 ft, yes. From the evident weight gain I do believe he was on the wrong type of drugs. Remember, there are many different types of steroids that accomplish many different things. So in Bonds case I think the drugs that he was taking actually hindered his swing, not helped it. Like I said before, it�??s not magic. With the right dosages and the right type, yes it gives an edge but I know some of these athletes and trainers and know what they are taking and administering and I�??m telling you that they don�??t know what the heck they are doing. It�??s sad becuase they think exactly like you. Steroids are magic, SO LET�??S TAKE THEM!!

Wow—such unbridled ignorance by almost every poster. The ones who did have a solid argument blew it my making base assumptions, though some were on the right track. I especially like the “there are no human studies” and “there are no studies showing danger to humans,” since there are both. I’m not even going to get into the rest of them, but I read I think two posts that actually made sense logically and argumentatively.

Thanks for posting this.

As far as testing cops and the civilian counterparts, it is just dumb. I can see if someone is getting bigger, getting acne, is more aggressive–has obvious signs of use and could be a danger to others, then this could work alright. But this reminds me of when I came home from school one year and I went from 190 to 200lbs and got a bit leaner, and I’m 6’2". My mom asked if I was on steroids, and my brother agreed that I probably was. My mom said it wasn’t because I was that big, though she thought I was “huge,” she said it was because I made the transformation so quickly and because I got so lean. Talk about pure ignorance! I had three months to gain ten pounds while dropping fat, and I did it naturally quite easily while still drinking and partying here and there. This has the possibility of getting out of hand.

I guess it also comes down to you shouldn’t have to worry if you aren’t doing anything wrong, which is hard to argue with. I don’t think most people are qualified to make a judgment call though, so with the abuse this policy may receive I think it could infringe on my privacy, so to say. However you sign all that away when you get the job. As much as I don’t like it, there is no arguing that it is “wrong.”

I think the individual who has a perscription thru an HRT clinic and gets it filled at a pharmacy is fine.

The doctor may be investigated and so may the pharmacy but it is not the obligation of the purchaser to investigate the legality and regulatory status of either the doctor or the pharmacy. It simply isn’t a burden they have nor does the average consumer have the ability to do so.

[quote]Schwarzenegger wrote:
Wow—such unbridled ignorance by almost every poster. The ones who did have a solid argument blew it my making base assumptions, though some were on the right track. I especially like the “there are no human studies” and “there are no studies showing danger to humans,” since there are both. I’m not even going to get into the rest of them, but I read I think two posts that actually made sense logically and argumentatively.

Thanks for posting this.[/quote]
Appreciate the kudos, Schwartzy’…Yeah, that has got to be one of the most bizarre “public” flame wars about roid’s
I’ve seen yet, most disappointing was what you mention, the guys with the solid “pro” arguments started out well, but let themselves get a little hotheaded over being baited by the ignorant emotionalism and bashing by the “cons”. It is scary just how brainwashed many are with the appeals to emotion anti-roid’ demonization put out there, a psych/mind control-op that has by observation, gone very well in the USA. Pushing the moralistic, gullibility and envy buttons seems to be an effective propaganda formula…[quote]
As far as testing cops and the civilian counterparts, it is just dumb. Talk about pure ignorance! I had three months to gain ten pounds while dropping fat, and I did it naturally quite easily while still drinking and partying here and there. This has the possibility of getting out of hand. I don’t think most people are qualified to make a judgment call though, so with the abuse this policy may receive I think it could infringe on my privacy, so to say.[/quote]
I hate to use this analogy, but can’t help it. Reminds me of the way the Italian Fascisti,Nazis,Communist E.Germans, USSR, Cubans, N.Koreans, etc do things, i.e.: encourage jealousy , suspicion, and paranoia; kids ratting out their parents, or in this case envious and ignorant employees denying people a living by ratting on anyone who becomes “too fit/muscular” based on their ignorance of the lifestyle and blind acceptance of anti-roid hysteria. Begin carrying that cooler filled with your prepared high protein meals to work instead of eating/drinking crap socially with your co-workers, now can mean getting smack talked, shunned as “weird”, forcibly tested, and even fired simply because you train!. Revenge of the Couch Potatoes/Nerds? (High School, & totalitarian injustice, never ends may be the take home message here, eh?)
I think I’ll start a thread for these kind of stories, “Dispatches from the war on testosterone” (Sounds like a great title for a TC rant) or something like that, were we can post this sort of info. Remember, Knowledge is Power (even at the risk of getting pissed off), we need to know the enemy and be able to handle ourselves well in refuting these fools, haters & do-gooders. There is no substitute for training. I pray TC won’t oppose such an initiative…