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HRT Clinics that do Deca/Var, Why?

I posted this in the AAS forum with no responses…I have a great doc now, but before I had him I bounced around various doctors, and because they all were so freaking expensive, I ended up using one of those HRT clinics for just a few months, where you give labs, meet a local doctor, then do skype or phone with another doctor, and then they give you up to 6 months prescriptions. Its expensive, but actually cheaper than some of the SoCal doctors I went to, where they kill you for appointments, as well a very well known clinic Ill refrain from mentioning, makes it seem like you need to get the scripts from their pharmacy next door…it was my first time, I had no clue, got everything from them and now that I go to a regular pharmacy they were charging three times as much…so Im rambling on to ask a simple question, what are the reasons some clinics, and especially these HRT clinics that mail you prescriptions after seeing a local doctor, that they prescribe Deca/Nandrolone and Anavar/Oxandrolone, in addition to T, HCG, and AI? I know that many folks like adding Deca in 1/2 to 1/3 the dose of their T for periods to help joints, boost immune system, etc…but thats not in the strict sense what its meant to be prescribed for.

Just curious what is the reasons some of these clinics give for prescribing Deca and Var? Essentially it seems like they put you on HRT, but then there is huge leeway for them to give you other stuff (which they make a ton of money on) for you to do “blasts and cruise”…Im just curious, told my doctor about it and he was curious as well why/how/for what they justify Deca and Var in an HRT protocol. I have a handful of friends who use one and they do get Deca, Var, and even one of them got Winstrol in addition to T/HCG/AI…that seems like even a further stretch.

Those “clinics” are slinging gear. Deca/Anavar has NO business in TRT regiment. While fun, they aren’t required for TRT.

hah…I figured that…just curious how they do it justification wise…as well there are some “legit” HRT docs who use nandrolone in small doses in addition to the T.

I guess the same way defense attorneys justify defending criminals, $$$. I really don’t know the reasoning behind it. There is a younger guy at my gym (probably late 20s) who gets T and deca from his doctor, as to why I don’t really know. Neither does he, for that matter, but that’s another story.

There’s no doubt that deca does wonders for your joints. I ran one T/low dose deca cycle a few years ago and that was like sex for my joints. I was only doing 200mg/wk of the deca. The effects of the “joint lube” lasted for a good 6 months after the cycle, too. Also got strong like bull. Crazy.

Late 20s T and Deca, and its not because of real health issues? Wow…and in TN thats a liberal freaking doctor…Id think in FL or CA something like that, but not TN…

Yea I hear lots of good comments like yours with the Deca, wow 200mg for how long, then its effect lasted 6 months after you used it?

Yup. He is very hush-hush, I asked who he was seeing and it was a no-go. Anyway - they aren’t doing any PCT or anything, just firing blindly. I’d just assume steer clear. I feel I’ve done enough damage in my dabblings with gear in the past. Even though I always did a proper PCT (with nolva/chlomid or both) I can’t help but think that the gear in some way contributed to my low T. I may have been borderline low before, but certainly was after a few cycles.

I ran the deca for 6 weeks, maybe 8. Don’t exactly remember. It was my second cycle. My TRT journey has educated me in a big-league way. It’s all about quality of life now, and feeling like my old (younger!) self. Not saying I wouldn’t mind another low-dose down the road at some point, but no time soon.

I’m sure my shoulders would appreciate it. I have to get myself “righted” before I go throwing any kinks in. My research here has led me to think that it can take up to a year for things to even out in regards to TRT.

Wow thats crazy on both their parts…I never juiced, never needed it, had a 3 year nightmare stretch of major health issues that caused a boatload of immune system and hormone issues…HRT has been a game changer for me, but combined with tons of other treatments, supplements, lifestyle changes, and lots and lots of time…felt like a year and a half before it seemed to really have me feeling normal again…but from where I came from friend its a miracle…I wish I knew my T levels prior to medical problems, as they were probably sky high or whatever combo of my various hormones were efficient as hell…never needed the juice and could hit 600lb squats and deads into my early 300s, hang clean mid 300s for reps, and go balls out training and was a workaholic, slept very little, never got sick, always was lean and strong…funny how things in life can change…but if I were healthy Id not be screwing around HRT+Deca without a clue, from my little understanding Deca does a great job of shutting you down, and even our low dose HRT shuts you down hard over time, why screw with what God gave you in your 20s unless you are a pro or olympic athlete…Im betting most people dont dial in their diet, supplements, and proper programming for training, and stick at all of those things long enough, to see what their God given potential really is…and doctors helping folks shortchange their natural course of events by playing HRT and AAS without knowledge, thats not cool…

I might sound like a prude or a puritan, I am not…not by any stretch…but I have been around athletes my entire life, and so many fall short in diet, supplementation, and proper training programs (which includes lifestyle tweaks to improve recovery), and have so much room to improve before needing gear…I can only imagine lots of the “regular gym” folks are the same or maybe even worse, then get on gear…I will pin my glutes and quads the rest of my life probably with T, GH, HCG, and continue getting vitamin/nutritional IVs, as well vitamin injections, for a long time…its changed my life, in addition to getting labs done and adjusting supplementation, swallowing tons of pills a day, way more than I used to just for training purposes…but if I could go back to all natural, and just eat steaks alot, protein shakes, EFAs, an anti oxidant and multi vitamin, and lift my nuts off and stay big and lean, Id take that any day over having to pin myself and pop pills forever…BUT again Im not complaining considering where I came from with major medical problems…for those who dont have them, just think twice before hopping on “HRT” or cycling without knowing what you are doing…

Gosh, am I getting old saying stuff like this? Forgive me if so…