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HRT, But Drug-Free?

This was on elitefts:

Alwyn(Iron Brothers)

What is your opinion about someone being on HRT, 10mg Androgel, and competing in drug free events. Before HRT my total test was 207 ng/dl and free 5.7 pg/nl. Now my levels are 805 and 17.5 respectively. Still in the “normal” range. My endocrinologist stated that I have a nonfunctioning pituitary due to a head injury.

Would you still consider this to be natural or drug free?

Great question. And I confess I don’t have an answer.

This gets into the “what is normal, what is an advantage?” situation.

Normal test is considered to be around 200-900ng/dl.

So if you’re at 850, and I’m at 225, we are both considered “normal” under the current medical classification. But that’s hardly “level” is it?

*Should I be able to take exogenous T to “level” the playing field?

*What if your T levels drop in half – that’s hardly “normal” right? But you wouldn’t qualify for HRT in those cases as you’re still within normal limits.

I guess the question is, is “natural” having normal levels, regardless of what you are taking, or is it the absence of exogenous support? Is increasing your T levels to normal because your body doesn’t produce it (same as a diabetic with insulin) ok, as long as you aren’t trying to get a competitive advantage? Where does “normal” end and “advantage” begin?

I had a client once who tested at 1150 - and was a drug free athlete. Should we give him something to reduce his T levels to level the playing field that way? That makes no sense.

My answer is – I don’t really know. And that very premise is the reason that drug testing is an exercise in futility.

Here’s an answer I wrote to a similar question:

The system right now is screwed up. A ?normal? testosterone level is considered to be 200-900. Let?s say that I am sitting at 700 all my life. Then I start getting negative effects ? depression, lack of sex drive etc. I get a test and I?m at 350. That?s half my normal levels. You?ll feel like shit! But your test will come back within normal limits. And you wont? get any help. I think we should all get tested at 21 or so and have that as your lifetime baseline. Any deviation from that and you can get a script. What?s weird is that a ?transsexual? male, once approved psychologically can take feminizing drugs to make him into a woman. But a man can?t take drugs to make him more of a man! What an ass backward world we live in.

Interesting. Food for thought, especially with the tested strongman show coming up. I’ve thought about this before, especially as regards the use of prohormones or the like…

Interesting read.

Good question that deserves some thought.