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HRT At Local Pharmacy

Hi guys i am a 41 old male and i have been on hrt (test cyp) for 5 years now at a dosae a 200 mg every 10 -14 days. Problen is my insurance has paid until this year they are questioning it all of a sudden and refusing to pay my doc has monitored all blodd work now i have to fight them … Hence in the mean time i am forced to get my script fron a local pharmacy and pay out of pocekt until i fight insurance. Thing is my doc. always wrote the script for 90 days and they would fill thru mail order, i am really the only one he has on hrt now i have to tell ask him to write it so i can get it thru the pharma so i think the will only fill a 30 suppy?

so that will only be dispencing 2cc? can he write it for a 10 cc vial so i dont have to get 2 cc every month? can he write it a dispence 1 / 10 cc vial and use as directed? i am forced to pay out of pocet know would just hate to run to the phara every month for 2cc… csn snyone please direct so i can discuss it with him… would pharam gueation a 10 cc bottle use as directed??? thank you for you help…

anyone one ? any help appreciated

pharmacies go by the script - insurance is the one that is hung up on the 30 day limits.

most people get a prescription for 100mg/ml w/ a 10ml bottle OR 200mg/ml w/ a 10ml bottle and then self inject. I pay out of pocket ($75) and it lasts me several months.

Hi thank you for the reply. i was just wandering how he should write it because if he wrote it for 1 ml/200mg every two weeks at the pharamcy they will say that only egual 2cc not 10… they will only fill a scheduled drug for 30 days at a time … just wandering if they would write use as dierected or dispence 1 /10 ml/ use as directed? My doc said i am the only one he has on hrt. it wasnt a problem when they insurance filled it threw mail order 90 day supply after 5 years now they dont want to cover so i have to go this route until i dipute it… thank you…

never heard of anyone having any problems like this before. heard about pharmacies refusing to fill Arimidex or HCG because the Pharmacist said those drugs are only for women, but not this.

just try and get a script that says something like “T-Cyp 10ml bottle 200mg/ml - self inject 50mg Every three days” and then take it to a new pharmacy like Walgreens and see if they will fill it. I’ve never had a problem at the three pharmacies I have used. No point in arguing with your current pharmacy (assuming you are in an area with options).

Most insurance plans have provisions for chronic conditions and 90 day supplies.

T from your doc might have been over priced and the cause of all of this.

10mg 200mg/ml costs $100 - 110 at typical pharmacies. You can get that for $42 at Sam’s Club, with a business membership AND paying out of pocket, not using your insurance.

thanks guys for your help. i am isured under united healt care ,medco is my precription plan for 5 years they filled 90 supply thro mail order my doc always faxed the script , now this year they r rusing to pay saying they have new standards well my doc has always hept blood test. so they said i can dispute it just a pain in the ass, so yeah now i have to get a script and go thru a local pharacy i know a pharmcay will only fill for i thrity day suppy that is what i didnt know if he wrote it for 2ml/200 mg every two weeks = 2ml a month i would be going to the pharmacy evry month for 2 ml. that is why i didnt know how he could write it for 1 /10 ml he is new to all this but willing to work with me, that is why i am asking guys that dont go thru insurance how their docs writ the script so they can get a 10 ml bottle instead of 2cc every month?

Most pharmacies DON’T look at the length of the prescription. Most just fill what the doctor ordered.

I have never had a problem with “T-Cyp 10ml bottle 200mg/ml - self inject 50mg Every three days”

have you tried going to a new pharmacy or Sams Club?