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HRT and Training - Timing?

I have a question for you longtime veterans of HRT. I have been on Test Cyp. shots for over a year now. They seem to make a noticeable difference in muscle mass and fat loss, even without training, but I wonder if there is a way to maximize the effectiveness of the boost in T. I am not after any “GEAR” type gains, hell I feel too good right now to mess with anything!

I am asking the timing experts(those that know and understand half-life and such better than me) when I should be lifting compared to when I am doing my weekly injection. When is my peak if I am injecting just once per week? I am on a 3x per week full body type program.

Feel free to call me an idiot as well, this might be a stupid a$$ question!

Check your E2 levels and use adex to maintain in the lower 20’s pg/ml. This can have very big effects.

Inject twice a week.

T receptors get saturated. Timing is not critical.

Thanks for the reply. If timing is not critical, I can dose regularly, but mix up training more.
Why the E test? Can E slow gains?

E can mess up your mind and libido. E docks in T receptors, not activating them, but blocking them.

Most doctors are clueless about the effects of E. When you know, then you have doctors who are obstacles.

You need to know about estrogen… I wonder what that sticky is for?


The most important thing is to prevent wild swings in your levels of hormone, which is why KSMan recommends twice weekly injections. Read anything he writes in this forum.

I don’t think there is any optimum time to lift wrt HRT dosing. I’d avoid lower body the day of and after a glute/thigh injection, similar for a delt shot.