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HRT and Thyroid


(1) Make sure all your work is done by an honest-to-God endocrinologist.

(2) Have him use the most sensitive test for thyroid function. If this gets missed, you'll feel terrible no matter how much Test he prescribes you.

(3) Don't rely on one doctor. If you still feel crappy, go to another.

(4) Try Testim before Androgel. Testim produces more free T.

All of the above are the result of hard experience. Don't suffer needlessly.


I was diagnosed with Graves 3 years ago and now am on Synthryoid. What is Testim and Androgel? Sorry for the ignorance.


If you are 45+, get your testosterone evaluated next time. Insist. If it is low, get the doctor to presribe 5 g/day Testim. These products are testosterone replacement that you rub on your skin.

Both your test and thyroid have to be 'online' for you to feel good.


I may have missed a thread, have you found success with Testim? If so, how did you find the path to get there?


I googled 'Testim vs Androgel'. I was on Androgel for about 5 months. It raised my T but not my free T. My body is apparently quite efficient at binding the exogenous T of Androgel. It was like having someone throw a wet towel on a fire.

So, to get the benefit of T, I researched and found that Testim is significantly better than Androgel at raising free T.

Your doc may disagree (if he's not up to date). And Testim is not as convenient -- it comes in tubes, like toothpaste, so I use needlenose pliers to roll it all out. It's also harder to wash off your hands. But, all this is not very problematic, just annoying.

Most guys do benefit from Androgel. It is very likely you would too. But, my view would be: why wait 5 months to figure that out?


I know that you have posted much about your journey to hormonal balance through various threads on this site. Can you recap, and share your t-levels along your road of progress.

Also, what were your stats and symptoms before beginning andro, and now (strength, BW, BFL, well-being, etc)?



Sure, although it won't be 'pretty', if your expecting good things from Androgel. I began by finally persuading my PCP to test for T. It came in at 146 ng/dl; shld be 240-950 ng/dl.

After 1 month or so of 5 g/day of Androgel, it 'soared' to 244. My weight, bf, mood were all the same (shitty).

I convinced a new doc to bump me to 10g/day. My libido went up, my wt, bf, mood stayed about the same, though my mood increased somewhat.

The most recent test I had showed T at 366, with a new doc. The prick (er, excuse me, doctor) wanted to cut the gel down. Goodbye to him. My bf, weight, mood all the same. (I'd like to point out that I'm a teacher and, due to budget cuts, I got an extra class and a pay freeze. Maybe the gel helped after all :slight_smile:

I'm now back to my old doctor, who agreed to switch me to Testim, surprisingly w/o an argument. He also found low thyroid so now I'm on synthroid. Maybe there's hope for this guy.

All in all, I think that, while long-term Androgel is probably okay and probably woould help most men, I'd have been better off going to the nearest hardcore gym here in Cleveland and made a new 'friend'. I have hopes for 10 g/day of Testim (started too recently to tell) but am doubtful.


Sorry, got pissed at reliving my nightmare. Here's my stats:

6'7", 278 lbs, about 22% bf. I am 50 years old. Note that I do martial arts (BB, Tkd) so I do one hell of a lot of pushups, Hindu squats, and aerobic work. I powerlift with my teenage footballer son one day per week.

My best bench is only 315 for 2 reps, probably because of all the aerobic work over the years. I'm afraid to squat because I broke my ankle (while knocking my opponent out in a tournament) and it hurts like a mofo when I squat with weight.