HRT and the Experienced User?

I recently went to my doc to have my blood work done to see where my T levels were. Just a bit of history, I have been bodybuilding for 17 years, 74inches, a bit over 100 kilos with and just under 10% BF, own my own club, and for those 17 years, did gear for about a good 11-12 years. I have taken the last 3 years off supplements completely, but have started noticing more aches and pains than I used to, which is why I am getting back on.

So I got the results back and my T levels were at a moderately low 395ng/dl. My doc offers the hormone implants now, which I guess are really catching on and last for 5-6mos, and if I do the shots once a week, he only offers a cyp, which isn’t bad. I have some Deca for joints and such, DID have some GH but now that’s gone, but also got a nice blend of Tren/Mast/Prop just to help myself get started again.

So my question is, has anyone ever used these Sub-Q implants? And if so, what are your thoughts on supplementing other drugs along with them? If so, which would you recommend? Do you recommend a potassium-sparing diuretic for water retention and blood pressure? An anti-estrogen? I’m new to the board, so if anyone has any input, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

They are awful. A few threads about them in the TRT forum. Run a search for testopel

I used them,they put like 14 pellets in my ass cheek no pain but I could feel them in there,I hated it and went right back to the inject they where called testo pellets…