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HRT and Older Guys


Any others using HRT? I've been on it for about 7 weeks and I have noticed a change for the better. I'm 50, 6'6" and 266. All input welcome!


I go in for my consult on Friday. What effects have you noticed after 7 weeks, and how much are you taking / what levels are you shooting for?


What did your doc put you on as far as HRT? I am assuming he put you on some sort of testosterone, but was it injectable? Transdermal?

I haven't been to a doc, but just from running about 595g of test prop/week for the last 12 weeks - I am a different person.

I never want to come off the test. It makes me feel the way I always thought I should feel.


Hey Guys,

In addition to my stats above, add 'idiot'. I meant to write 7 days, not weeks.

I came in at 146 ng/dl and have another test Tuesday. (Maybe that explains the 'weeks' mistake - ha!) Am currently on Androgel. I'm going to try and convince the doctor, an endocrinologist, to put me on Arimedex or Teslac, so that what little T I have isn't aromatizing.

Androgel is like putting hand sanitizer all over your shoulders, arms, and abs. Takes 5 min/day at most. Have either of you guys (or anyone else reading) tried more than one therapy? Any comparisons?


My normal range is supposed to be 240-950 ng/dl. I'd like to get it to 800 ng/dl or more. I use 5 mg Androgel every day. Go to www.centerwatch.com and find the Androgel study. They tested 277 men, age 51+, and found that they lost fat and gained muscle over a 180 day trial.


When this test is taken what are the conditions? What I mean is are you supposed to be in a fasting state when the blood is drawn (no drink or food for 10-12 hours)?

When I had mine done it was in a fasting state and the doctor said, "You're in a highly catabolic state and overtrained. Your hormone level of 186 is in the cellar"? If one hasn't had food or drink in that many hours wouldn't one be in a catabolic state and T level would show that or would it not?

I am 38 years old and this is pretty new to me and I was shocked when he wanted me to go on HRT because my strength gains do happen even though they are small but I expect that. My sex life is fine. Is there any need for alarm?

What are the symptoms I need to look for in possibly needing HRT? After looking at the numbers each of you are talking about I guess mine at 186 would be low. It makes me wonder. Thanks for any input you can offer.


Raw Power,

I was not in a fasted state, but will be for my Tuesday exam.

I was surprised by my low reading too! It can sneak up on you. I was in a bad mood all the time, feeling like crap. That's the symptom to watch for -- I think any sexual dysfunction might be the last thing to go. I'm in a position (high school teacher) where you can't be in a bad mood; the kids'll just make it worse -- ha!

As an adjunct to HRT, I'm trying the Anabolic Diet (do a search on this site). Supposed to raise your T significantly!


Had consult yesterday. They want to check T again on Monday, and then when it comes back <300, I will have a script for Androgel called in. This weekend I am going to overtrain (weights + 1 hour cardio / day. Also will make sure I get no fat today or tomorrow, fast after 3 pm tomorrow, and minimal sleep on Sunday night. Just want to make sure I come in low on Monday. It won't hurt that I have already been dieting and training consitently the last three weeks or so.
Oh yeah, and no pussy.


Hahaha, sounds good, make sure to give us updates. Here's Cy's article on how to lower your T just in case you haven't checked it out:



Thanks for the link. Did it. Ate a bit more than I planned on Sat but yesterday was <800 cal. with no fat at all. Also, 30 min interval on Lifecycle at 8am and 7pm with a workout at 2pm. Die T Die! Did it work? I'll know on wed or thurs. Now I am having evil thoughts related to MAG-10 and T for a couple cycles........


I am going to have my "T" tested on Friday. How long did it take you guys to get your blood results back? I am thinking about contacting one of these HRT clinics, but I am concerned about side effects...mainly hair loss. Has anyone seen hair loss with the Testosterone?


48 hours for my doc. Also, he says that since we are just bringing the levels up to normal (450-500ng) I will not see any side effects. This is not a lark, however. I am a bit carefree about it because I know my levels are low, and I have done a lot of reading on this, here at t-mag and elsewhere.

I reccomend you log on to library.net and read the Nation Institute of Medicine's consolidation of the HRT studies done to date. They are very conservative, but when you see the positive results from so many different studies, it is hard to come out against it.


What is the most common treatment for HRT? I keep reading a lot about Androgel. Is this the most popular? For those doing the injections, do you go to the doctor for this weekly or do you get the syringes and medication and do it on your own. I ask that because I had heard of someone doing this and thought it couldn't be true. For the injections are they injected into the glutes like anabolics?


Tomorrow, I'm asking the endocrinologist to put me on .5 mg of Arimedex per day. Damn stuff is expensive! I am on Androgel and want to prevent conversion.

Before beginning a therapy, make sure you could never produce Test on your own again; mine is low from too many groin shots during my years of martial arts. One of the dangers of being a Headhunter...


Raw Power,

Yeah, it's a deep ass shot. You get one every 2 weeks, depending on the type of testosterone used. I didn't want to do that for the next 40 years so I opted for Androgel.

There is a new one coming out where you only get an ass shot every 6-9 months called Nebido (spelling?). If you don't mind a 2.5 inch piece of steel rammed into your cheek, that'd be the way I'd go!



You stated, "I am on Androgel and want to prevent conversion". What does that mean? I think I will take your advice and have another check of my T level. I only had one blood test. I would think another one would be in order before HRT would be done. The doctor was ready to start me that day but I declined. If my number is back up I assume I am producing so all bets would be off then. Is this the protocol that is used? If one is showing some production on their own then HRT is usually not offered? That is good to know. Thanks for passing that along.

If the shot was only once every 6-9 months I guess that wouldn't be too bad. It's a 2.5" long needle, huh? Well, I've had plenty of shots before and I would do it if I had to but if there is another way of going about this I am all for it. I think having to go to the doctor every two weeks would bother me more than the shot. Thanks for the warning!


Been on HRT for about 4 years now. I use injectable test @ 400mg every 10 days. I do not like the gel. It can not bring you to very high levels. On it I could only get 650 ng/dl as opposed to injectable which takes you to 3 times high/normal. I ussually test above the known measurments. My body however is used to this. I do not function very well at anything less than this. I am also using 1iu rHGH 2 days on and 2 days off and as well 25mcg T3 daily. The reason for the T3 is test/rHGH and thyroid all work in concert. And, rHGH over time will lower thyroid output. So doing this keeps my metabolism to that of a 21 year old.

By the way, Im 42, 5' 7" and 215lbs. I used to compete in the 198's powerlifting 20 years ago. Would like to start again bench press comps in the masters class. current bench is 335, would like to get over 400.







By conversion I mean that older guys like me start converting testosterone into estogen. That is a possibility with Androgel. Arimedex or Teslac in low doses will prevent that from happening.

I got a complete hormone profile done today, get the results in a few days. The endo was pissed at my former PCP for not testing the T (which is why I got a new doc). With my low T, Androgel would've been skipped altogether. My guess is that I'll be getting the deep ass shots -- yow!!