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HRT and Hematocrit and Creatinine?


Okay, so this is my second blood test from my Hematologist. My Hematocrit came back at 51.3 and he wants me to get another Phlebotomy. Also, my creatinine level came in at 1.48 and is saying that is too high and I should stop any supplements with creatine in it. I'm currently taking the ANACONDA 2 Protocol. Anybody else experiencing this? If so, what are your doctors having you do?


everyone who uses creatine (translated into anyone that works out) will have high creatinine....I wouldnt sweat it....most opinions on this are a result of poorly designed studies on the negative aspects of creatine/protein consumption in populations already suffering poor kidney function....


You can listen to your doctor, or choose to believe the conventional wisdom that includes years of research and use by thousands of athletes that indicates that creatine use is perfectly harmless. Life is full of choices.


LOL, agreed. I'm sitting there and he's telling me this shit and says, "it's high but you have a lot of muscle, but don't take creatine." LOL. First he asked me if I was taking any supplements with creatine in a way like somebody might ask you if you're taking steroids. Getting the third degree over creatine... ugh