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HRT and Hairloss

I’m booked in to see the endo in may, this has been a long time coming after being messed around by the NHS grrrr. any way i’m suffering from the symptoms of low test so i’m hoping they will be put me on HRT and after reading a lot of posts and info i’m hoping to get test cyp injections, i believe androgel produces more DHT (so bad for the hair).

So to the point of this mail, i’m worried of hairloss as i’m already thinning at the front, should i start now on some rogaine shampoo (or similar), should i look into finistide/dutastride but i have read that finistride and hrt isn’t recommended to be used together. i don’t want to wreck any chances of getting HRT nor do i want a bald head, any advice would be appreciated.

You need DHT to maintain your sex organs and your libido. 5-alpha reductase inhibitors do have serious sexual side effects for some.