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Hrt and Depression

i’m at a loss, so i thought i,d post this to see what goes.i,ve been on 1oo mg test since april 06. went great till 2 or 3 months ago,then, well i,m not sure what happened. got no motovation at all,depression out the ass.only time i’ve got energy is at the gym,my blood work numbers are alright,so it’s not like i bottomed out.i could really use some answers,to get my life back. thank you

Estrogen can cause things like this and a loss of libido. Does not have to be high or cause libido. If you get nocturnal wood but no morning wood, there is a good chance that some anti-aromatase (AI) will restore morning wood… and I think that that is a good barometer of whether E levels are acceptable.

thank you ksman,i should say i’m taking 100mg once a week. no anti-e’s,as dr. never explained this to me,but i have put on a bit of water weight lately,would anti-e’s help?