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HRT and Cycles, PCT?

I’m getting put on androgel for hrt because of low test levels of 201. I’ve been planning on running a cycle or two at the end of the year/beginning of next year. Prop(50ed) /Mast(50ed) the first time (also first cycle) and Prop (50ed)/Mast (50ed)/Tren ace (50ed) the second time, although we’ll see how the hrt goes until then, but anyway. I’m curious about PCT while on hrt? It seems like almost none would be needed, but feel like maybe there should.

24% bf (just had it checked, and will have it much lower before even thinking about a cycle)

previous best
230 @ 9%bf
(I’ve lost alot of muscle and gain alot of fat)

Goal: have a wedding/honeymoon in August 2007 and want to have more muscle and less fat than the best I’ve ever been.

Recovery isn’t really needed if you’re going to be on HRT for the rest of your life. If you like the size of your balls HCG would be a good idea, as well as it adding to your endogenous levels. It’s impossible to really recover though if you’re never going off.