HRT and Clomid

Hey Guys,

First time posting but have been an avid reader of articles and threads.

Let me first say I have done many google searches on this topic and spent many late night reading sessions looking for a solid yes or no answer to this question, even though i realize it seldom is that easy.

My question is simple yet complex at the same time.

I am on HRT (T was blood tested at 250) at the moment ( been 13 months) and the wify and I are finally looking to start a family. Well she has finally said see is willing to loose her abs and get prego. After 7-8 months of trying I decided to try an at home sperm count test. It showed I had a low sperm count, not much detail here as it was only a low or high reading.

After an initial shock and unhappiness I did some reading on the interwebz and see that HRT can cause low sperm count.

I see many men have had luck with either using HCG or HMB or combo to raise count while staying on HRT and others never have any issues with sperm count. Since HCG is hard for me to get ( called doc and asked) I started reading about other ways to raise sperm count. I found a few articles on using clomid at .25 EOD for 2-3 months to do the trick. Has anyone ever done this or know if it works? Climbed is pretty easy to obtain it seems and would be a better route for me if it works.

Just so no one asks, my background:

36 year old male
205 lbs
13-14% BF
Comp Strength Athlete ( train 10-12 sessions a week)

HRT 13 months: SottoPelle Insert

also have done short 6-8 week cycles of winny in early 30s

lifting since I was 14
training since 30

Thanks for any help

Have you read the advice for new guys sticky here or any other of the seven stickies?

Nolvadex will do all that clomid does but without the side effects that some get with clomid.

At age 35, what was done to find out why your T levels were low? Was LH/FSH tested?

I had a full panel done a couple of times before actually getting on HRT. They said it could be from stress of lifestyle. That was a little confusing to me as i am not much of a stress case and try to have balanced lifestyle. 8-9 hours sleep a night, clean eating, workout often, non smoker, non drinker.

Ill try searching for the Nolvadex sticky thread. Thanks for heads up on that.

There is no “Nolvadex sticky thread”

We can work with lab work posted in list form with ranges.