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HRT and Burning Sensation

A year ago the doctor put me on Androgel as a result of low testosterone. After a few months I experienced a burning sensation every time I urinated. I went to a Urologist for months and he could not figure it out. As an experiment I cut out the Androgel and the burning went away. I have not been on it since. Recently I tried some Alpha Male and the same symptoms came back. Am I crazy, is there a reason for this?

Does sound odd. Are you dehydrated with overly concentrated urine?

Ask your doc about injected T if you think that you could manage self injecting.

Leave the androgel out and let the alcohol dry off and apply to your scrotum. Observe what that does. Might be the alcohol is part of the problem as it is the largest ingredient.

Had a urine test done when you had that problem?