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HRT (+Alpha Male) Update


My total T is 366 ng/dl, while free was 11.7. I've been using Alpha Male for about 4 weeks along with Androgel, 10 g/day.

Before I began, my total T scores were as follows;
July 1st, 05 --- 146 ng/dl

Aug 15th, 05 --- 244 ng/dl

The second reading was after about 5 weeks of Androgel, 5 g/day.

My T is still low-normal so I know the doc will not want me higher. Unless Alpha Male can boost it more, guess I'll have to be happy with the borderline depression.
I hope that posting these numbers helps someone considering HRT.


Your doc does not want you higher? Find another one. Or lean on him until he sees the errors of his ways.

After all you could also get testosterone illegally without his medical counseling so he should be happy that you even listen to his advice.

My testosterone is definitely not low, but with Alpha Male it is probably very, very high (never had it tested), and my mood is so much better now that I will gut anyone that tries to take my black-green little babys away from me.

Seriously, your doc sucks. Get another one. Bribe one. Get Androgel on the black market. Do whatever it takes, but to accept borderline depression for the rest of your life because testosterone is EVIL?

If you accept that, you probably deserve it.

Hint: If you are not even a little bit angry now, your testosterone is too low :slight_smile: .


I have been on androgel 5mg day for 30 days and have not noticed a bit of difference I go in for blood test in 30 days and am going to push for the needle 250 mg every 2 weeks cause this sucks!!!!!
I am so depressed it's unreal I am also looking for black market roids cause I have to do something


Any validity to those online services taht allow you to get a script for HRT from a physician by getting an online "office call"? Seems like I've seen them for like $75.00 and then you get a script.



This is new to me as I've not dealt with any of this, but perhaps someone experienced could tell me what a reading of 128 would be on the scale used by so many on this site? My range was 50-200 on the paper. I came in at 128. Any conversion between scales to see what this equates too? Off the cuff, I'd think that if the usual scale is 300-1200ng/dl then I'd be about 750 or so if the scales are proportional. Of course this is speculation on my part. Ideas?




You might want to try the testosterone gel, Testim. It is much the same as Androgel, but it gets 47% higher free T levels in the blood than Androgel. It is also less expensive by about $20 per month and has better formulary coverage from some insurance companies.



Thanks for this; I see a new endo guy in a 3 weeks and will ask him.


Good points all and well-taken. Since I'm a high school teacher though, I very rarely get angry. Spending 8 hours/day with teenagers makes you immune to just about anything (LOL).

I suspect that teaching caused my T to fall over the last few years. It's a fairly stressful job. In fact, anyone with a stressful job should get tested, esp. if you are 45+.


128 what? Millimoles/Litre? In any case here's a website that has conversion rates for all sorts of units used in measuring clinical data:



Its been pretty much the accepted response from everyone here that weekly injections are the way to go....

And dude with the sub 300 score - find another doc. A good HRT doc will think nothing of allowing you to have a 600 score or even higher (although at 600 you should be fine)


128pg/ml. Someone has speculated that this was freeT. Said that fT is usually measured in the above fashion.



It's a month now since I started with Androgel. Huge libido increase, much more energy throughout the day. Not much to report re: workout or strength gains. Workouts are easier, and I am not tired afterwards. These changes all started within a few days of treatment. No side effects that I can see, except chasing the wife around the pool table.

My first re-measurement of T on 11/2. I am really curious to see hwere I will be. I started in a range of 272 - 327. I am guessing I am now at maybe 400?

Once the numbers are in, and treatment is stabilized, I am going to start Alpha Male
6 / day. It will be interesting t osee what a couple months of Androgel, plus Alpha Male will do to levels.


Great results, Hankr! The gel apparently works for about 70% of patients and you're in that group. I'm probably going to get the shots. If the doc doesn't agree (this is 4th doc), don't know what I'll do. My results are at the top -- would love to be at 500 or so; can't find a doc who'll agree.


Yeah - Looks like you need a new doc. 366 is borderline hypogonadal (sp?). I am not sure what my docs will say. I would like to go to 10 gm day, but I feel like I need to tell the truth when I go in, and they want to stay where we are. Which is not bad, after all.


If your doc won't let your levels get to the same levels as a healthy 21 year old male roughly 600-900 then get a new doctor fast. I'm currently on HRT and I'm getting 100mg of test cypionate a week in injection form. At the same time I'm taking 1/2 of an arimidex tablet on Mondays and Fridays (test shot on wednesdays). I'm also using an aromatase inhibitor called Myomin (by Chi's Enterprise). To top it all off I take 6 Alpha Male caps a day. The result so far (and this is only week 6 of therapy). Depression gone, gut fat dramatically reduced as well as pectoral fat, libido through the roof, energy is much higher, joint pain is completely gone, oddly enough bowel function is vastly improved (you tend to get IBS-like symptoms when test is low and estrogen is too high), semen/sperm quantity is has roughly doubled (not that you guys need to know that). Anyway, don't settle for sub par test levels. If your doc won't comply get a new one. Good Luck.


Doc # 4 coming up in 2 weeks. Where'd you luck out and find one that'll help you like that? I am so damnned tired of 'weeny' doctors who'll not be a little aggressive. One doc was concerned about raising my PSA and it's 0.2 for crissakes (4.0 and up is bad for Caucasians)!!
Several people have suggested 'find a new doctor'. That's fine but WHERE?


Well, I don't know where you are located, but I'm in NJ and the doctor I go to is an Osteopath. He's been my doctor for 16 years. He's also certified in Sports Medicine. Recently he was at a 2 week seminar with Dr. Eugene Shippen who is one of the leading doctors/researchers in the area of Testosterone therapy and hormones etc. It's hard to find a good doctor that will go into the area of test therapy becasue most doctors don't know jack about it. You may want ot got to an endocrinologist instead of a GP.


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In NJ also looking for Doctor with HRT knowledge. Any chance of getting your docs info ?




I use a guy that works throughout the country. He charges $400 to set up the Doc visit and do the initial blood work. Once you see your doc in your own state you order meds from a Pharmacy direct and pay no mark ups. Guy is great to deal with and the process is painless.