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HRT Actually INCREASING Belly fat

I’m 41 and have been on Testim for a year. Started feeling great, noticed my muscle mass increasing, a lot more energy, able to workout five days a week and a noticeable difference in my belly fat. Prior to taking Testim I lost about 100 lbs., down to 285, but ever since on Testim I’ve ballooned up to 330 and noticed a signifivant amount of belly fat. I also take Tamoxifen as an estrogen inhibitor.

I had read studies on how HRT actually lowers belly fat and contact so am slightly perplexed, and even think of giving up HRT.

Any thoughts?

Could be the SERM you are taking since it is only an estrogen inhibitor at the breast tissues. This means you could have an excess amount of estrogen in your system. That is why we recommend an AI and not a SERM.

However I suspect you are also eating too much or too poorly. It is impossible to gain 45 pounds from just having high E2.

How’s your diet? Do you track calories?

Here’s why I ask:

Before going on TRT I was on a hypocaloric low carb diet for 3 months and lost 35 lbs pretty easily. After the initial carb withdrawal I had no problems with hunger at all. Most days I had to consciously eat more than I wanted just to make sure I wasn’t starving myself. I was on a low enough calorie diet that my T3 took a nose dive. I hadn’t made any real gains at the gym in the past year year leading up to TRT. I had just sort of settled into a routine of this is what I lift on Mondays, on Tuesdays, etc. I started most sessions already feeling depleted and struggling with the weight I had lifted last session.

Now on TRT for 4 weeks I haven’t lost a pound but I most definitely have gained lean body mass. I’m only taking 100mg/week but have been seeing very nice gains at the gym in the last month (bench up 50 lbs, dumbbell curls up 15 lbs) and I’m not a real serious lifter. It just seems like every time I go I can add a little more weight comfortable so I do. I start sessions feeling strong and don’t fatigue nearly as quickly. I used to have to stop an exercise because of muscle fatigue and it just stopped working - most times before I could not really feel a burn. Now I stop because of the burn.

The really interesting thing is my hunger has changed drastically since starting TRT. I’m still tracking calories and can manage to stay under my goal but it’s MUCH HARDER now…especially at night and especial on gym days. I just crave high protein things like steak or chicken or “hearty” things like bean soups, chili smothered in cheese. If I wasn’t counting calories I could very easily blow past my goal every day. Again, before TRT I could very easily be way under my calorie goal if I wasn’t counting.

I’m not getting too worked up about it and I’m assuming since I’m putting on LBM this is just my body’s way of asking for the fuel it needs to do so. I’m hoping since I’m not a serious lifter I will eventually plateau in terms LBM and then start losing weight again from adipose losses. I have 30 more pounds of adipose to go but I’m really enjoying seeing my body composition change. FWIW my gut is much better than before but it’s still lagging behind every other body part in terms of fat loss. Then again it had the most to lose.

St. Pete,
Read the stickies!!! There way more there than you will get from this thread.
Post your labs with ranges.

Transdermal T creates the highest levels of T–>E2 aromatization, injections may be more effective and less expensive.

If you have hypothyroidism, that would explain a lot of things.