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HRT 3 - 6 Months?

for the guys that have been on hrt for 3 -6 months. what changes in body fat, muscle density,increase in lean mass, etc.
have you noticed ???

I appreciate your help here as I am trying to understand this subject fully before I
start hrt.

I understand that libido and energy are increased.

thank you guys

I just started, but will post at intervals. There is precious little info on this except that long term studies always mention that participants saw “increses in lean body mass, decreases in bodyfat, and increses in bone density”. I am assuming that these are untrained individuals, as no mention is made otherwise. Also, the studies are typically done on men in their 60s and beyond. If nayone knows of a study done with youner men, or with training / diet info, please post.

A good place to start is the Journal of Clinical Metabolism and Endocrinology (Google it). Lots of good stuff on HRT and TRT.