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HR 2749 Should Interest Everyone



This should interest, everyone.....


Yeah, I was listening to the podcasts (#355 and 362 in the archive) last night and got all wound up about it because it already passed the house and is now in the senate. I never heard even the slightest mention of it on the news. I have to watch the news all day at my work, its a joke what they report on....I hate the fucking newsmedia.


Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 - Amends the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to set forth provisions governing food safety. Requires each food facility to: (1) conduct a hazard analysis; (2) implement preventive controls; and (3) implement a food safety plan.

Requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to: (1) issue science-based performance standards to minimize the hazards from foodborne contaminants; (2) establish science-based standards for raw agricultural commodities; (3) inspect facilities at a frequency determined pursuant to a risk-based schedule; (4) establish a food tracing system; (5) assess fees relating to food facility reinspection and food recall; and (6) establish a program for accreditation of laboratories that perform analytical testing of food for import or export.

Authorizes the Secretary to: (1) order an immediate cessation of distribution, or a recall, of food; (2) establish an importer verification program; and (3) quarantine food in any geographic area within the United States. Defines the term "color additive" to include carbon monoxide that may affect the color of fresh meat, poultry products, or seafood.

Requires country of origin labeling on food and annual registration of importers. Provides for unique identifiers for food facilities and food importers. Deems a food to be adulterated if an inspection is delayed or refused. Requires the Secretary to establish a corps of inspectors dedicated to inspections of foreign food facilities.

Sets forth provisions governing the reorganization of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) field laboratories and district offices. Gives the Commissioner of Food and Drugs subpoena authority with respect to a food proceeding. Establishes whistleblower protections.

Perhaps I'm over reading something, but the bill doesn't seem to contain anything sinister.


LOL im confused about this as well. Maybe it will increase the price of food and supplements?


Higher Government regulation leads to higher prices and slower rates of research progress.

Lucky i live in australia, we have high prices already and they are becoming more stringent with imports of american supplements.

I would kill to get supplements as cheap as you guys!

so even if the prices goes up, rememeber your still better off than oz!


The language leaves things open so that if you want to actually plant a garden in your back yard, you have to keep strict records. Farmers Markets will be a thing of the past...listen to the Superhuman podcasts...


This is the bill that requires you, the consumer, to fill out paper work for your purchase, including data such as when you plan to consume the items. It's insane how much government they are continuing to put between the consumer and producers of ANY product. Let's completely forget that this is the same government that continues to hamper people who smoke from doing so very easily, and then adds a tax to the same group of people to support an expansion of children's health-care.

I mean that makes plenty of sense, right? More government is only the answer when people are seriously in harms way, as in back when meat markets were open air as in Upton Sinclair's The Jungle. This other is just plain non-sense and government sticking their nose where it does NOT belong.


Fax Confirmed


Wow, more conspiracy theories. Awesome!


No conspiracy theory. Just a shitty bill that needs to be re-written.