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HR 1207 - Audit the Federal Reserve


Write your state representative and ask them to support HR 1207. If and when the Fed is finally audited, people will begin to realize what is going on here. There is no reason why the federal bank, the "loaner of last resort", should not be subject to the same audit procedures as any publicly held companies. After all, only a fraction of Americans hold ownership stake in publicly-traded firms, but the Fed affects ALL Americans.

Inform yourself, spread the word.



10min documentary-style video explaining HR 1207.


I think there was alread the a thread on this. Seems like universal support for this on the PWI board. Not that asked us.


I did see the original thread but I wanted to start a new one so it would be at the top of the page. More people need to spread this message.


I didnt see it. I'm gettng on horn to Rep. Thanks for spreading the world!!!!!!


Already sent an Email to Steve Israel.




On the bright side, there is 149 co-sponsors of this bill, thats a pretty good start.



I have to believe that if HR 1207 gets passed and a true audit is performed, people will be up in arms. I think people have a vague understanding of the Fed's ability to mint currency out of thin air, but I also think people largely are ignorant to the effects of this kind of activity on consumers. All the bank bailouts, and surely GM and Chrysler, and now maybe the newspaper bailouts, are all financed through new money that is minted solely to go to these firms. It is infuriating.


You forgot the process by which they go about lowering interest rates. Most people have no clue how this is done. Again, minting money.