HPTA Suppression Dosage

I went up on test at 400mg a week, and have noticed major HPTA suppression. Mainly my thyroid and cortisol. I have a pituitary tumor, and I’m on thyroid meds, cortisol, and testosterone. I do ok between 150-200mg a week. However, went I went to 400mg of test a week I felt low thyroid and low cortisol symptoms. I actually had to up both meds to alleviate symptoms. Is there any anabolic that doesn’t cause major suppression? I’m guessing I’ll just have to do test at 150mg, clomid, and nolva

If you find a way let me know. I’ve had to increase my thyroid dose from 125mcg to 175mcg since starting TRT and my levels very wildly on cycle, I used to be able to keep my FT3 and FT4 at exactly the same number year after year, and now they seem to bounce around a lot.

Turkesterone, ecdysterones. Akin to low dose Var. Decent to keep strength during a cut (my only experience so far)

I was thinking this was a scam? Good results in it? Any reason to use it over var or tbol?

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I’ve only used for 3 weeks while cutting. 200mg daily. I bought it just cos it always sells out and was holding onto it, but decided to give it a go. You’re supposed to take at least 300mg but I’m stretching it out.

I’d say it’s like 10-15mg Var. Good enough for a cut, maybe not worth it while bulking tho?

I love Var, but it lowers my SHBG into single digits and requires daily test injections. Turk so far doesn’t show that kind of suppression.

Anyway, prolly something I’ll use for summer cuts just to try and minimize muscle loss.

Is it better than Var or Tbol? No way. But it’s not suppressive and OTC.

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I’m suspicious of products, not banned by WADA.

There have been a few products out that were eventually banned. 1-test or oral dhb was once sold at GNC. That stuff is actually a pretty strong steroid.

Exactly. To me it means it must work.