HPTA Restart Without the Use of Clomid

Does anything like this exist? Everything I’ve seen involves use of Clomid in conjunction with HCG/Tamoxifen. Last restart I did left me around 490 total T, tested one month after discontinuing everything, but Clomid sky rocketed my SHBG up to 90 and it took forever to come back down.

I’m interested in restart protocols without the risk of shooting SHBG up with Clomid? I’ll talk to Defy hopefully this week and see what they have to say.

Tamoxifen only would be the more popular route.

How does Tomaxifen affect SHBG? That would be my main concern

I am not aware that it does, although everyone is unique.

Got it. Thanks! Hoping to discuss with Dr. Saya next week and get his insight as well.