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HPTA Restart. What Can I Do to Lessen Side Effects When Coming Off TRT?

The question is when. I don’t think it makes a lot of sense. Maybe during PCT but it won’t help you increase the recovery speed. Maybe it will help you feel a bit better but I think it’s a stretch. I’m not convinced.

I’m trying to remember the reasoning. I think she said my SHBG is high and this will help free up some test. She said I can start that right away.

My prolactin levels came back high. I had to grab some caber. Can you guys give dosage recommendations? and how to know whether you need to taper back

That’s not super high. I’d try P5P before trying Caber. 200-300mg daily


Hey guys! My pharmacy had a huge delay on test so I missed a week, which turned into two week. I’m on week 3 now and decided to just go ahead with the above suggested restart since I’ve missed so many weeks. I’ve read testimonials were men have said they felt like complete shit on clomid(mostly depression). Scared me straight so I want to ask for your guy opinion on how probable is this and is there a way to mitigate this?

You might not feel terrible. Usually it’s high dose clomid which makes you feel bad.

I’m keeping it around 25mg ED with 20mg Nolva while I taper off my Test.


How long have you been on clomid and do you feel any different?

Around a week and not really no. But I’m still on my TRT so I’m not expecting to feel massively different yet.