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HPTA Restart Thoughts?

I asked my doctor what the protocol would be to come off my trt protocol. I currently do 180mg test c/ week. I’ve been on for a little over a year and everything feels good most of the time I just don’t know if I want this to be forever so wanted to try and restart now that I have less stress in my life and see if I can work less etc. and stay off.

My doctors protocol is
HPTA restart protocol - 15 day protocol
Clomid 25mg daily x15 days
HCG 500iu (50u) daily x15 days
Then blood work 4 weeks post protocol.

I have done some research and this seemed some what abnormal and was curious what the forums thoughts were?

If by restart you mean jumpstarting your natural production and returning to baseline low-T numbers, that’s very likely.

You’re just having commitment issues is all. I would argue your lower stress levels is do to the high testosterone, low-T men are less able to deal with normal everyday stress.

The poor sleep caused by low-T increases the production of the stress hormone cortisol adding to the inability to deal with stress.

It’s probably worth another try at natural production given you age, you can always go back to TRT.

make this 30-45 days, don’t take the HCG and SERM at the same time, labs 4 weeks after last dose

You’re not wrong haha. I figured worst case I just get back on and dial in. The protocol just looked a little different from some things I’ve seen especially hcg and clomid together.

That’s what I was confused about and like you said the time line. I guess take hcg for 15 days after last pin and then clomid for 15 or 30 days after hcg?

Get Nolvadex if you can it’s just better for the job. Don’t overthink the restart. Simply put, if your balls worked before they will work again. You’ll be feeling ok after about 4 weeks. Probably be back at baseline in 12 weeks. Back on the TRT gains train in 20 weeks…. :laughing:. Or maybe not, maybe you’ll feel fine and give the natty life a go again. Best of luck

How old are you? If over 40 its a mistake you will regret, if in your mid 30s a reboot might work.

I see you started trt a few years ago. Then stopped. T was 345 when you stopped.

Then started again and now you want to stop again?

And you are like 31?

I mean what’s up man?

Imo that is way too short of a time for the clomid. You need to extend the time you take it.