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HPTA Restart Suggestions

no… I have improved I would say 60 % in last year or so…
Restless legs gone,
Energy going up
Brain fog is gone mostly.

Numb Genitals -> Feels like normal skin now but not sensitive like before, rubber feeling is gone
Still occasionaly leak urine
Dry eyes are gone
Still loss of morning-spontaneous erection

I am confident I will recover with right diet, and supplements!

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To me this seems like fucking around. I would get comprehensive blood work, and test for common illnesses that could cause these issues. It is kinda just try everything, but then how do you know what worked. Do you just keep going with this? Seems like very few could stick to that list long term. I think figuring out a few probably root causes makes more sense, and addressing them one at a time, allows OP to know what his issue is.

You gained 22 lbs. I bet you put on water weight. Deca doesn’t convert very much to E2, so without test it isn’t going to make you super watery (but it will put on some water).


That is really good to hear man. You’ll definetly recover. How do you deal with work etc during this time? I’m trying to cope better, time is just passing by and I’m kind of stuck and feel like I am losing out on my best years. Reading that gives me hope though, 60% that’s more than I expected. Really fucking happy for you. Only someone who has experienced it know how awful it feels.

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no you are right man… Im just frustrated and talking about my own case… I never took any of these compounds Jamilkh did. He should do extensive blood/ stool work. But cutting out sugar obviously can only benefit him!

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I quit my job, because I was 22 when this all happened… You have to sort this out. Its IMPORTANT. If you can work a little bit longer, and save some money. You can do these tests. I have no expereince in steroids etc so i dont know what could have caused it. I my self am suffering from PFS like symptoms though I have never taken any drugs or ssri, hormones etc… Just normal 22 year old whose testicle shrunk , numbness, and lost libido over night.

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That could be possible. 22 pounds sounds like a gain you could expect from deca.

Agree here. It isn’t something anyone really needs. Now I am not super anal about it, but don’t have any processed sugar intentionally in my diet other than small amounts. I probably have under 20g a day of the stuff on average.

anyway thats enough from me, today. I will update you every week or two on my progress!

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Thanks brother, as will I

@joeviv10 ; Do you get morning wood?

no, and havent in last 4 years, neither do I get spontaneous erections…
If I do on the odd ocassion wake up with wood, I can barely feel it, (how hard its standing) which direction etc…

I need stimulation to get wood, and if no stimulation it goes down in 20 seconds…

I will focus on gut health.> Completely cut out sugars, carbs, and eat garlic, carnivore diet, high dose vitamin c, d, zinc, selenium…

I will treat this as an infection/gut dysbiosis.

Ever considered serotonin?
The production of serotonin begins with the essential amino acid Tryptophan (essential, meaning it can’t be produced by the body and is only absorbed by the body from the foods we eat). Tryptophan is then converted via hydroxylation to form 5-hydroxytryptophan and then decarboxylation to form serotonin.

During a crash diet of any significant length of time I would imagine serotonin would be impacted heavily due to this. Recovery time from this I would have no idea. Though people take ssri’s for a reason, increasing serotonin is not easy. A serious hit to your serotonin could have serious long term consequences.

Serotonin has a myriad of functions in the body, including gut health, mental stability, sexual function, sleep and body temperature just to name a few.

I’m not sure how this would corelate to npp or Deca use although from what I understand nandrolone can have serious impacts on neurotransmitters so this may explain it.

Just food for thought. I was doing a bit of research on serotonin and thought of this thread and the crash diet thread with regards to the serious impacts on sexual function. I could be completely off with the above although its worth a thought.

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@joeviv10 ; since you do not get morning woods you should use penis pump to keep exercising your penile tissue. How does your flaccid looks?

I haven’t had that since 16 I think. I’m never getting morning wood. My sexual function is on point though.

Just wanted to say that morning wood isn’t a necessity

Would it be a good idea to do a fertility test?

Anybody here got Penile Doppler test?

Hey guys

I have been feeling alot better mentally the last month, however I need an answer as to what could be causing lack of libido and penile numbness? Surely it ain’t just low t? Like sometimes it even feels kind of painful to touch it. When I touch my genitals it feels «wrong». I know that neurotransmitter activity is just as important for libido. I just feel like theres been some kind of epigenetic changes in my body.

Hey man,

how are you now?

Just wanted to check how you’re doing.
Hoping you are better.

Hey brother, first of all thanks for asking. I’ve been doing much better. Today I actually was able to sleep for 11 hours straight for the first time in a year. My libido is still gone, but I guess it’s the last ting that will resolve. I have returned to work again aswell. I still have some anxiety but it’s far less than a couple of months ago. Great improvements, and I now am very confident that all will be good. Hope you’re doing good.