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HPTA Restart Suggestions

Hey guys, made a post regarding low T post cycle.
Want to try a restart

-10,000iu HCG
-20mgx60 Nolvadex


What’s a good protocol?

Appreciate any replies

How long have you been off? I would probably stay away from the HCG as you have some LH and FSH production currently (HCG will lower LH in most people). I would just run the Nolva. You could do 40, 40, 20, 20 as that is standard, but I would lower the doses and go a bit longer since you have some test production, and some LH / FSH production. You could do something like 6 weeks of 20 a day, and two week of 10 a day (should even you out a bit once you go to no Nolva).


Been off for 9 months. I feel like I have some atrophy that’s why I thought I’d include the hcg. I did try clomid, but that was only for two weeks. It raised both LH and FSH to 5, but it dropped again after. So just Nolva for an extended period of time?

If you get LH and FSH up, your balls should increase in size like if you were taking HCG (the male body seems to treat HCG just like LH). I would try Nolva for a longer period if it is me.

However, your test isn’t really that low. It is a bit below average. Do you have pre-cycle blood work?

Thanks for the reply

The thing is I have absolutely no libido and don’t get aroused at all? I don’t get it. My T was 10 nmol at first post cycle. Don’t have pre cycle bloodwork which sucks. My thyroid has also decreased from 1.5 to 0.5, don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Genitals pretty much feel numb.

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What was your pct like the first time?

I didn’t do a PCT since I thought i was running primo but it was something else and shut me down pretty hard.

Wouldn’t have mattered. The primo would have shut you down just the same.

Since you’re in kind of a non-traditional position you don’t need to go heavy with the dose of Nolva. You’re not looking for a restart here. You restarted, it’s just a very shitty engine now. You should be able to get away with 20mg/d for six weeks, then take two weeks off, get blood work, and compare the results to now.

How old are you? What compounds did you run, and for how long?

damnn, this makes sense. I’ll stick to Nolva for 6 then I guess

22 years old, ran primo for about 16 weeks

One thing that I find weird though is how I have absolutely zero libido and numbness at 14 nmol? Is that normal?

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14 for test is low for someone of your age, but still nowhere near technically low testosterone.
A Nolva PCT like the other guys mentioned should help a lot, with libido.

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Alright man. I’ll take the advice and do mono nolva then. Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated.

14 nmol is low enough to be symptomatic from a cardiovascular health perspective. Nolva may kickstart your HPTA, but it will also trash your IGF-1 levels. Furthermore, to your liver, Nolva IS estrogen, and it will drive up your SHBG levels. Therefore, it shouldn’t be used for too long.

You can also try Triptorelin, but that stuff is difficult to come by in Norway or Denmark. Do not run HCG at this stage. Your test levels are low because your LH levels are low. The nuts probably work well.

But will that SHBG drop down again with time?

Yes, it will.

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I’m in the same boat as you. Im doing a power restart
2000iu on hcg every other day
Then clomid 50 for 30 days and nolva at 20 for 45 or more
Hopefully it gets me going
Been a fucking nightmare

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Damn man, I know how fucking awful it is and I really hope it works out for you. I am waiting for my hcg which should probably be here by friday. I think I have a bit of primary and secondary. Would appreciate if you kept me updated, I’ll keep you updated from my side. Good luck brother :pray:

Any other way to contact you other then here?