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HPTA Restart Question

Long story short, I am coming off TRT after about 14 weeks due to a variety of reasons, including fertility. Leaving the option open to get back on TRT, once the wife is pregnant and depending on how the restart goes. Doc put me on the following protocol to get the restart going:

  1. First 2 weeks 300 iu of HCG per day
  2. After two weeks, switch to 12.5 mg of Clomid ED for 6 weeks (then blood-work)
  3. Take AI as needed

My question is why I would not start the SERM right away, vs doing 300 iu of HCG for the first two weeks? I was on HCG the whole time I was on TRT. Also, the doc did not want to prescribe Nolvadex, stating it’s not as effective. That doesn’t align with the recommendations on this forum. Should I insist on Nolvadex due to the potential sides that Clomid brings with it? Thanks again!

That’s a small dose of Clomid, which means your doc knows how many side effects it can cause. That’s good. What’s bad is that he thinks it’s more effective. It isn’t. At least not on a mg-for-mg basis.

But expect to be off trt for at least six months. I’m posting this study and you can read it at your leisure. The tl:dr version is that HCG and a SERM administered for three months usually gets men back to fertility within 4-6 months.

Appreciate the input!