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Hpta Restart - Problems

Hi guys. I had done hpta restart in previous couple weeks.
It is looks like this:

1-4 weeks 250iu hcg eod
1-4 weeks 0,5 mg adex weekly

My test was 3,78 2.49-8.36 ref

After this i switched to nolvadex. Just to see if anything will change.
Two weeks 20mg nolvadex ed and adex 0,5 weekly.

Today i got the results:
Lh- 8,35 1.7-8.6
Fsh- 3.68 1.7-12.4
Test 4.47 2.49-8.36

My tsh gone wild 4.86 0,27-4.2
Ft3 6 3-6.8
Ft4 16,8 12-22
E2 15 7-60

Cortisole went up to 745 141-536. I think this is because high tsh?

Just to say that i had done iodine protocole 50mg ed for two weeks, 4 montsh ago. Now im on 6mg iodine once per week.

I feel very tired whole day, lack of energy, libido almost zero, nervous and i had some difficult to sleep.

Liver is ok, i take vitamin d 5000iu, selenium 200mcg, zinc 50mg, magnesium 400-600mg.

Do you have any advice what to do next? I think TRT is a must. Ill try iodine protocol? What do you think?

Thanks a lot!

Please post AM and mid-afternoon oral body temperatures.

TSH is bad, fT3 is high, fT4 is good.

High fT3 should lead to high body temperatures. If body temperatures are low, high rT3 is suspected cause and if so, adrenal fatigue and stress factors need to be considered.

Assuming that 2nd labs where while on Nolvadex.

With LH=8.35 E2 expected to be high but was low.
E2 range looks odd. Units?

FSH was not very high, and perhaps average LH was not either which would be consistant with low E2. 20mg/day may not have been doing much. So we really do not know much from this.

Thanks for comment KSman!

For E2 is pg/mol.

My corrisole level before start restart was 450. And tsh was 2.3.

Body temp will post tommorow, but Im always hot, sweating a lot. My bf is about 12-14% on 200lbs if that mean to you something.

@KSman my body temp oraly in AM is 97.8, mid after 98.06. Im geeling very hot, especially in my head. Do you have any suggest what should i do?

pg/mol is a measure of molecular weight.
Need pg/ml or pmol/Liter

AM temperature is good, mid-afternoon temp seems low. Had you been avoiding talking, exercise, eating, drinking etc.

Are you feeling unwell? That might negate the value of the temperature readings if there is a low grade fever lifting lower body temperatures.

How long have you been feeling overheated?

Sorry my bad. Pg/ml.

I have been walking 30min before second measure.

Im tired mostly of the day. Overheated hm well i think when im started my restart protocol. My tsh have been 2.38 before start restart and after iodine protocol. I dont know what should i do next.

Second day in a row my body mid day temperature is 98.

I feel sleepy, lethargic and tired most of the time.

Third day my AM temp is 97.7.

I have done test on antitpo and antitg and everything is ok. Now IM tappering down nolvadex 10mg ed till tommorow, then 10mg eod. I feel the same like on 20mg ed.

Are you still feeling over heated?
Still sweating?

Started iodine?
Reminder that you need selenium…

Any change in body temperatures?

There may be a probe with your adrenal glands.
TSH does not increase cortisol or vice-versa.

I feel slightly better now. Not over heated like two weeks ago.
Im not yet start iodine protocol. Wait to see results.

Selenium 200-300 mcg ed.

Yesterday i finished nolvadex and I wiil go for 10 days to see my results. I will post here to see results.