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HPTA Restart. Need Some Insight


Hi all,
I am 37. After a stupid oral cycle my test is 350.
I’ve lost 12 kgs and gained a lot of fat. This was 9 months ago. All signs of low test from sex drive to lousy body recomp…
I tried 20 mg of tamoxifen for 3 months and test was 800.when I discontinue it 3 weeks later I felt great for a month. Then I crashed and my test was 350 again.
What was the problem?
What should I do ?

  1. Repeat tamoxifen 10 mg and ai 1 mg a week for 4 weeks and then gently tapper off
  2. 125 mg of test every four weeks and hope my body recognize the values as endogenous and obligate testicles to adapt and produce more( for 4 months)

Many Thks for your input,


Any advices for recover?
23 days after 125 m g of test , lab indicated T 554, E2 38 and LH = 5.8.
How can i interpretate this results ?
Is there a way to lower estrogen without recurring to meds?
Many thks in advance


@KSman , could you look to this post please?
many thks,


hmm… I think only Arimidex… 0,25mg EOD… I had E2 around 50-60 with Arimidex now I have E2= 22