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HPTA Restart Done. How Do These Levels Look?

Hello everyone,

I’m just done with HPTA restart. Now I am searching for answer how to correct my levels. I am mainly talking about very high progesterone and pretty low FSH levels. Would you please be so kind and take a look?

Testosterone (TTE) 523 ng/dl 241-827
Free T 8.34 ng/dL = 1.6 %
(calculated using TTE, SHGB and albumin 4,6)
Bioavailable Testosterone 209 ng/dL = 39.9 %
(calculated using TTE, SHGB and albumin 4,6)

FSH 2,71 mIU/ml 1,40 - 18,10
LH 7,77 mIU/ml 1,50 - 9,30
Estradiol (E2) 29,40 pg/ml 11,80 — 39,80
SHBG (I83) 48,9 nmol/l 17,3 — 65,8
Progesterone 0,588 ng/ml 0,05 — 0,149
Prolactin (PRL) 7,4 ng/ml 2,1 - 17,7
Vitamine 25(OH)D Total (O91) 39,80 ng/ml
DHEA-S 339,3 ug/dl 34,5 - 568,9
ACTH 35,20 pg/ml 7,20 - 63,30
Cortisol 28,62 ug/dl 5,27 - 22,45 (betweem 7 AM and 9:30 AM)

TSH (L69) 1,386 μIU/ml 0,550 — 4,780
FT3 (O55) 3,65 pg/ml 2,30 — 4,20
FT4 (O69) 1,55 ng/dl 0,89 — 1,76
ATG (O18) < 15,0 U/ml < 60,0
ATPO < 28,0 U/ml < 60,0

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someone please help me out

Your restart worked. You went from shutdown to back up and running. Your numbers aren’t good, obviously, but recovery isn’t always linear. What preceded this restart? If you put up a little more information you might get more help.

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you can see more here:

there is a lot of information pre HPTA there.

how do you feel ?

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tired. like no energy at all and my libido is way lower than it was.
I have heard that the day after pill can lower the progesterone levels, but I’m afraid of fucking up other things with it. any idea?

also I feel like my bones are ‘weaker’ now and have pain. but the number 1 is no energy at all, and I can’t concentrate… :confused: I feel just like shit, pretty depressive.

I’m feeling worse everyday. Anyone has idea how to lower progesterone? as I’m suspecting the very high levels to be one of the reasons that I am feeling that bad.

I am sleeping more than I would normally and still I’m feeling super tired during the day, my eyes are sleepy too and can’t concentrate at work at all… One thing I’d like to do is sleeping all day long, but I am pushing my self really hard and try to excersise approx 3 times a week (calisthenics) and go to swimming pool 1/2 times a week.

I’m missing testosterone so badly, I felt a lot better while on. but there is no endo here in Poland that will prescribe me it for life long, as they say my levels are in range, so I am trying to find a way to fix my levels naturally…

maybe try dr Rabijewski from Warsaw?

did you visit him?

Hey, can you please let me know, how are you feeling now? Is your libido back up and running?