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HPTA Restart - Checking for Understanding

Deciding to go with KSMan’s protocol as I am most confident with it.

Just trying to make sure I fully understand it!

  1. HCG 250 iu EOD for 4-6 weeks
  2. anastrazole .5mg/week in eod dosing


  1. Nolvadex 20 mg eod for 4-6 weeks
  2. anastrazole .5mg/week in eod dosing

Questions: 1) At what point should HCG begin in regards to before last pin, day of last pin, or when test is fully out of system?
2) Should nolva be tapered down the last week or two? For example 10 mg eod the week before last week and then 10mg e3d?

Sorry, the way the sticky was written just wasn’t fully comprehending to me even after reading it about 10 times.

Just trying to get input/feedback if that general protocol is correct or if I have something messed up. If messed up, some guidance/feedback would be appreciated.

Cannot see a doctor at this time as I run a business and our insurance was through my wife who was recently laid off due to cut backs. Hoping to get labs after the HCG and nolva. Not optimal but neither is my situation.


You should ideally have been injecting 250iu hCG subq EOD while injecting T so your testes would never be shutdown. You need further guidance re that?

Yes, taper the SERM.

The sticky was written to provide general principles.

I understand that you are probably not going to order any labs on your own.

Yeah essentially due to money, I can’t afford to pay for the labs but I get all of the gear and HCG and serms for free.

I started using when I was 22 and foolishly never did the correct things regarding HCG like an idiot. Been on for 3 years. I know that my outcome for post cycle at best will be “okay” test levels and at worst, perm shut down. Regardless, I have the ingredients to attempt this Restart so it is worth giving it a shot. By that time our health insurance should be up and running so I will be able to get labs and if need be, TRT. Just hoping to at the very least, be fertile whether on my own or through HCG to conceive with my wife.

Goal is two months of test at 100 mg/week with HCG 250eod into 8weeks of HCG 250 eod into 8 weeks of the above mentioned nolva protocol. Anastrazole as doses stated above.

Sound like a solid plan with limited data and understanding that this may all be for not?

Thanks Ksman, appreciate the feedback brother.