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HPTA Restart Attempt

I am atempting an HPTA restart. i was on TRT for 6 months mainly because of libido. MY TT was 500 and FT 7.1. I am 45 BTW

Never felt dialed in and libido has never been great except for the 3 weeks where both exogenous and endogenous T were working. Also, it has been and emotional roller coster. thank you very much but i rather take cialis when needed.

does the following protocol seems right?

week 1-6 HCG 250IU´s EOD + AI 0.5/week (divided dosages EOD)

week 6-10 Novaldex 20mg EOD + AI 0.5/week (divided dosages EOD)

week 10-11 Novaldex 10mg EOD + AI 0.5/week (divided dosages EOD)

week 11-12 Novaldex 10mg E3D + AI 0.25/week (divided dosages EOD)

thank you

It can take more than 6 months to dial in, but you started TRT with hypothyroidism indicated by a TSH of 4.8, so it’s no wonder TRT didn’t work. The first 3 weeks on TRT comment suggests estrogen became a problem right out of the gate, I solved this by injecting smaller doses every 2 days.

Restart protocol: HCG 300-400iu daily X 14 days, FOLLOWED by Clomid 25mg daily X 28 days

thank you for your input and wisdom @systemlord but in my country doctors treat numbers instead of symptons. anyway I have booked and appointment with the endo regarding thyroid. i still need a way out though…

I think your restart protocol is a little extreme. I’d run HCG for 2-3 weeks, then a SERM for a couple of weeks if you absolutely want to. Retest in 2-3 months, I’d be willing to bet you’ll be just fine.

That’s the sick care system/socialized medicine and doctors everywhere do the same unless you go private and pay for treatment.

The reference ranges doctors go by are not normal, the organizations behind the reference ranges have a biased towards bioidentical hormones, it prevents and treats so many diseases.

Drop the HCG that will keep you shutdown. You just need Nolvadex 40/40/20/20/20
Then go get your T, LH and FSH checked to see if your pituitary gland and testis are functioning.



thank you for your input. Do you meaning dosages per week? such as:


I am wondering if am not going to struggle big time in the first weeks with low mood and lack of strength.Also as stated in the stickies, should i not be taking an AI to prevent estrogen rebound?


Its 40 every day for the first 2 weeks, then 20 everyday for the last 3 weeks.
Sure your going to feel like shit your hormones are going to be all over the place while your body sorts this all out. You ain’t getting away from that no matter what you take. Your natty TT will probably be low and for whatever reason you started TRT will also be present. Life is going to suck for a little while.

Many say to not take an AI while on PCT I do take a low dose. .25mg/wk That is one quarter of a pill per week for 3 weeks.
Good luck

how many days after my last T injection (enanthate) should I wait before starting this hpta protocol?

thank you

I am not an expert on PCT since I am on TRT year round. Here’s my suggestion.
enanthate has an elimination half - life of 4.5 days and a mean residence time of 8.5 days when used as a depot intramuscular injection.

T leaves the body pretty quickly E2 will hang around much longer. If you have the pills I’d start taking them right away it can’t hurt since it is not an AI.

I’ve seen in the pharma section it’s stated to start 2-3 weeks after the last shot (for cycles) with 3 weeks being better than 2. Maybe @iron_yuppie can give you a good idea on when to start pct after the last shot.

The exogynous T will interfere with any restart, it works better to tough it out for at least 2 weeks before starting. It doesn’t hurt to run HCG for those weeks, right up until a day or two before you start the PCT.

You don’t start pct until you clear the test from your system.

That’s a 12 week cycle with 15 weeks plotted. You can see that you still have test yet to clear at the end of week 14. Pushing pct out past two weeks makes sense. Will you die if you start a little early? No. But you paid good money for those pills, you might as well use them properly.

Hi, Today I have started my PCT (having done my last T injection yesterday) using the following protocol:

week 1 and 2 - HCG 100iu´s /day
week 3 and 4 - 40mg/day novaldex
week 5 to 7 - 20mg/day novaldex

Question is, should I take an AI for the entire PCT phase? if so, why? also should I take arimidex or examestane, or it doesnt matter?

Thank you

No need to take AI at all. Im not sure if this HCG in the protocol is enough dose and the 2 weeks are enough duration

I have taken HCG before ON and OFF througout my 1 year TRT ride, stopped it 30 days ago. so my balls are still at a good size…

Then this can work, but I can say nothing more on the subject.

first day in and I am already struggling big time. cant hardly walk with muscle pains…

any suggestions, anyone?

So, if your last shot of Test was yesterday, your T level is what it would be. Your body doesn’t know the difference yet.
Don’t take HCG daily. It’s pointless. Take 200mg EOD. It’s method of action precludes you getting much out of ED, and that dose isn’t much anyway.
Don’t start the Nolvadex until week 4, and do not take an AI. Do NOT take an AI. It won’t do anything particularly good for you in this situation but could make you feel like crap.
Don’t get in your own head with this. Stay busy and try not to hyperfocus on every little thing.

I did 200iu today and I am actually feeling very calm and without muscle pains. The other experts in this forum also agree that i should only start the novaldex at week 4? As I said before my balls at the moment have good size and firmness.