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HPTA Restart Appropriate?


Bare with me if I’m a bit all over the shop here, so much info to take in these last few weeks that I’m struggling to get it all straight in my mind.

Age: 24.

5’10 / 162lb.

So I started training properly roughly 2 years ago, using a couple of different programs and eating a stupidly low calorie/Low fat (I know, pleb) diet for the duration in order to lose the fat. I successfully got down to around 6-8% body fat, but felt atrocious. After eventually recognising many of my symptoms as Low T, I did smell research and well and truly freaked myself out. Got tested - Came back with total levels of 10.2. After a further test these came back again at 9.2.

Prolactin - 239 (85-350)

SGHB - 37 (18-54)

Total T - 9.2 (8.6-29)

Turns out that’s all they did, think I’ll get a more comprehensive panel done privately.

I’ve never used any steroids etc, but have (sometimes more than!) Dabbled in various recreational drugs. This last week I’ve got my sleep in check, tweaked my routine to prioritise compound lifts, added a few more vitamins (D3 10k etc) to my regimen and upped my fats significantly, aswell as my calorie intake (up to a 500 surplus).

I guess my question is, would it be worth me carrying out a run of PCT such as the Power PCT Ive seen mentioned a few times here and there, or try and correct this through diet alone ?

My symptoms are pretty standard low T:

Low libido

Brain fog (Concentration is a nightmare!)

Tired constantly

complete loss of drive I once had.

Anyway, thanks all. Apologies if that’s a bit all over the shop, I’m a bit spun out by the whole thing in truth. Will update with full bloods once I get them through, thanks in advance for any advice.

Edit: Forgot to mention - Referred to an Endo this morning, hoping to get an appointment early next month.


I think you are a pretty good candidate for a restart.

Read the stickies, especially the HPTA restart one.

You may have to go to a few doctors before you find one willing to help you.

Good luck.


Cheers buddy, have had a nose at the restart sticky but will study it in more depth this week.

In terms of getting a hold of the drugs themselves, I was under the impression that UK docs simply don’t prescribe them ? If so, any ideas on how to get a hold of them, good websites etc ? I could stretch the cash to go private if needs be, it’d certainly be money well spent !


I had used alldaychemist.com in the past, but thier credit card processor is down right now, and I wouldn’t do eCheck to India. I also know nothing about importing drugs into the UK.

I haven’t even bothered arguing with my insurance company about paying for my meds, it’s just not worth the conversation about how I, a male, need to be on female fertility and breast cancer meds. The drugs are cheap, I just pay for them.

Yes, I couldn’t agree more, it’s money well spent!