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HPTA Restart Advice 32 After 3 Years on TRT?

After 3 years on TRT I am looking to do a HPTA restart and go back to natural production. My levels prior to TRT were in the low 300s range. Any advice on protocols and methodology is welcomed, I have an appointment with the endo in a month and would like to recommend my findings under their guidance. Thank you

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3-4 weeks after your last shot, take 20mg of tamoxifen daily for 4-6 weeks

I disagree with the Tamoxifen advice, HCG for 2-4 weeks then 2 weeks after your last T jab you want low dose Clomid 12.5mg per day for 4-6 weeks should do the trick.
Clomid will increase LH and FSH.

The large doses of Clomid people use on post cycle aren’t needed for a restart, Ive personally done this method and my LH, FSH and T were all in good range…unfortunately once I stopped the clomid my T returned to pre TRT levels so I decided to resume TRT.

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As does Tamoxifen. I just find Nolva is better tolerated