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HPTA Regulation, Shbg, Bioaviable Test

Hi everybody.
After a long pct, my TT was in the low 300 …
However I did a bloodtest with antother parameters
Here are the results :

  • shbg : 22.45 nmol/L ( range : 14,50 - 48.40, but some labs are 70 for the end of range )

  • bioaviable test : 3.084 ng/ml ( 1.38 - 4.3 )

  • Lh : 14.1 mui/ml

  • fsh : 9 mUi/ml

Those results are not that bad !
So I ask myself something :
I never did bloodtest before using aas ( not smart … )
Do I have genetically low shbg, so my TT has always been LOW, because my bioaviable is into the 2/3 high range ?
My TT after using hcg never went higher than 400. But may my testes have never been able to produce more tant 400 because of low shbg ?
Is it bioaviable, free, or total test that influcence the negative feedback for hpta regulation ? I think it’s free test logically.
I know using anabolics decrease shbg, but e2 increase it, and my e2 are out of range, so I think it didn’t have influence.