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HP Mass With No Anaconda Protocol?


has anyone ever tried the HP mass program with no Anaconda protocol? i cant afford all the Anaconda working out 7 times a week. i was thinking of just 2 scoops Surge workout fuel and one scoop MAG-10 and then Surge recovery afterwards.


currently on week 3 of 2nd cycle of HP Mass. It works, however the program won't give you the full results since you aren't capitalizing on peri-workout nutrition.


I did HP Mass for six months, you don't NEED the Anaconda protocol. Does it help, certainly; NEED, no. Pre-workout get some Creatine, a quality whey shake, and take it with a cup of dry oats. But do get yourself some kind of Amino Acid supplement like Xtend and a Creatine product for consumption during your workout. However, do make sure that your diet is on-par to deal with your activity needs and training needs.


what about Surge workout fuel instead of the whey and oats? how much creatine and bcaa should i drink while working out?


after 6 months how do you like the program? are all workouts about 2 hours long?


If you switch to Surge PreW instead of the Whey and Oats then take 10grams BCAA's prior, during, and then your post-workout meal. This is of course more of a budget-minded approach, not necessarily the best.

HP Mass was a fine system. It ended up just being too much Pressing frequencing for me and I developed a lot of join pain in my one shoulder. In retrospect I would've deloaded more often, perhaps after every 2nd cycle to give my body a rest and maybe I could've stuck to it. But the amount of time those workouts take was starting to get to me as well. I've been doing 5/3/1 for the last six months and I won't be switching anytime soon.