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HP Mass, Upper Chest Development?


Coach Thib,
I am planning to start the HP Mass program by monday.I want to emphasize the upper chest and put as much muscle as possible on it.Could you please help me and tell me how to do it?


Obv not CT, but I would recommend,

A. OH Press
B. Incline Bench Press
C. Bench Press


Thanks for your reply man.But i was already thinking on doing those three for both workouts.I would like to know if there are any other techniques or exercises i can add to focus on te upper chest, like extra isolation work or something like this...


I guess for assistance work you could try incline flyes but that might be excessive with the amount of pressing these principles call for. Have you tried the progra as-is?


I'd do some Incline BB bench first off, then do some heavy incline flyes and make sure you get a good stretch..

I like to do hammer strength incline presses too (if your gym has it) and incline DB pullovers too..


No , i haven't tried the program as it is.


Well, it might be best just to try it as written for the first 6 weeks and see what you think. Maybe even after the 3rd wekk you'll know what you need to change.


You're pressing four days per week on this program plus doing neural charge exercises on your chest pretty much every day. The first/fourth week you could probably handle supplementary work but I wouldn't recommend it since your pressing muscles will be pretty beat up by the time you're done with weeks 3/6. Do the program as is for a 6 week cycle before you try to fuck with it. Otherwise you'll be flying blind.


I agree. I went through 3 phases of it and it's more work than it looks like. Wait till you get to week 3.


CT has mentioned using a wider grip on incline and OHP for upper chest development.


It's funny that you say that. I tried going wider on my OHP and resting the bar on the "shelf" like CT suggests and I noticed some upper chest soreness after my shoulder workout. Go figure...