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HP Mass Test Bunny


Hey! 6 months ago I was in the best condition I've been following the development of I, Bodybuilder and reading all I could of your material on this site.(Video) I followed the ' Refined Physique Transformation' guidelines,and dropped 25 kg in 6 months :

Then I got sick for six months got, injured and had to take various non bodycomposition-friendly medication. I've mostly been sitting on my ass or lying down for the past 6 months, and now it's finally time to earn back the lost muscle. The plan of attack is your HP Mass template.

The pic above is where I start:
(As you can see, not much going for me other than the awesome briefs.)

The question is, how much should I focus on max reps circuits? to me it seems like a good idea to just hit the basic lifts hard for the first six weeks at least and then add in as needed. Thoughts?