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HP Mass: Retesting Maxes


First of all I just want to say that the HP mass workouts have been amazing for me. I just finished week six, and I am lifting weight I have never lifted before, Thank You CT!!!!

My question: Like I said I just finished week six and I retested my max lifts today, but I trained alone (without a spotter) and I felt like I could have lifted heavier weight on all my lifts, but was too nervous to without a spotter. Would it be OK to retest myself again later this week, or would it overload my nervous system too much, due to grinding the weight during the testing lifts, to start the workouts again next week?

Thank You


Did you retest all your max lifts in 1 day? I finished my six weeks on Friday and this week every day I am retesting my maxes. For example
Sunday = Push Press
Monday = Squat
Tuesday = Close grip bench
Wednesday = Neural
Thursday = Deadlift
Friday = Bench

I read a comment by CT saying "have a retest week where you retest all maxes with one lift a day...Upper, then Lower, Upper, Lower,and finally Upper." In those 5 days you would retest your 5 lifts and can even have a workout with that body part.


I did not do all my lifts, guess I worded it wrong. I started with the flat bench but as I got really heavy I stopped. Today I retested my squat and was surprised how much more weight I could push, and also did some assistance and eccentric less work. I am going to re-test my deadlift tomorrow. I guess I was just concerned with re-testing my bench twice in the same week because I did not go as heavy as I could have yesterday.