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HP Mass, Prowler Distance?

Hi Coach, do you still recommend using 20m as a set distance for each exercise with the Prowler and increasing the sets as your work capacity improves, as prescribed in the original HP mass video?

You can adjust the distance based on your goal.

10-50m for strength (20-30m being best)
60-100m for size (50-60m being best)
60-90 seconds for fat loss

Coach, if i was to use a short distance of say 20m and utilise more sets for volume e.g 6 - 10 sets x 20m per exercise and decrease the rest in between sets 10 - 30sec, would if still have the same accumulative effect from a hypertrophic and fat loss standpoint?

I eventually decided to give the 6 - 10 x 20m with 10- 30 sec rest in between intervals a go. I felt fresher with each 20m distance with short rest intervals, verses doing 50 - 100m distance, especially when using the sled pull through movement. Could being a type 1B have anything to do with prefering a shorter distance?