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HP Mass Program Results?


I am thinking about trying the HP Mass program. I am wondering what everyone is seeing for results? Does anyone have any before and after/during pictures or any comments on the results they are seeing?

How does HP Mass compare to I,BODYBUILDER?

Any help would be apprreciated.


I didn't do that exact program but followed the upper body pressing methods very closely and my bench press and push press are stronger now then ever before. Has for muscle gains- i attribute a lot of it to muscle memory from a long break but it seems it came faster this time around. I've been training off and on for years.

That said i LOVE HPM style training!





I did a 4 day split following the HP mass principles:
Mon - Upper press
Tues - Upper press
Wed - NC
Thurs - Lower body
Fri - back and bi's
Sat - conditioning/sled work

As I am in a fat-loss phase, I didn't put on massive amounts of size, although I'm thicker up top, my delts are rounder, and my thighs are bigger. (measured them b4 and after) The extra sled work for legs, which I did as much as poss most certainly added mass, as well as leaned me out somewhat (even with less than perfect diet) I did this for 8 weeks. I made progress every week, and enjoyed the methods of increasing volume, which has really led to me being able to auto regulate my own training. I have now modified my training split to suit my own needs, but still applying the HP mass principles.

After changing my split somewhat and adding some of Thib's circuits to improve my conditioning - I'm going back to doing 3-4 hours Muay Thai next month, after a 8 week lay-off because of injury. Obviously training volume will decrease. I'm continuing to make progress, either adding weight or performing more work ( 6 circuits up to 8) Honestly, these new methods and ideas have made a difference in my training.

Physique /performance wise no doubt, but more in that I really enjoy every session - I'm totally motivated. (those NC workouts work a treat - I've found you need them less when doing the circuits as you get really 'amped up' when doing them. I have my powerdrive after and feel great)For me the eccentric-less work outs/sled work. I've been dragging my Muay Thai bag with TRX straps attached + weights on top. Staff + kids at the school I work at in Bangkok think I'm mental when they see my before and after school in the gym!!!

I do believe the whole HP mass thing was a little over hyped at times: 'get the same amazing results as Daryl'....Lets not mention all the juice he was on, and the fact that he had someone did is diet, trained him and all the works.
Sometimes new programs can over complicate things a little...Everyone is different. sticking to a program strictly written by someone else isn't always the best way to make progress...

Try it, see what happens, adapt it to your bodyshape, physical capabilities, finacial/time limitations etc. I'm no muscle monster and never really have been, (175lbs, about 10% bodyfat)as I'm really into my Muay Thai, but put on nearly 7 pounds and got leaner applying these new methods while training purely weights. I'm gonna get down to around 8% BF and use my increased strength to try and even the odds with these little thai dudes who kick my ass on a regular basis. These new ideas and methods have most certainly changed how I lift, and I will continue to use them as a tool to help me to achieve any specific goals I set myself.

Best of all it was FREEEEEEEE!!!! But lets face it, the fact I've spent almost $1000 over the last year on Biotest supps, I doubt anyone is out of pocket.



...Oh yeah

HP mass vs I,BODYBUILDER. No contest. Knock-out round 1 goes to HP Mass.

HP mass:

  • The whole movement pattern vs body part split - My shoulders have never been bigger/healthier
  • I can now auto regulate my training effectively in terms of volume and intensity.
  • I now know which excercises work for ME
  • Making a sled has improved every aspect of my training
  • Use NC?/eccentric-less work-outs as and when you need them
  • Low reps rule - The quality of my reps has improved and I'm moving much more weight than even when I was 10lbs heavier.
    • I'm 33 and I know feel that I know my body better than ever.


Doing the HP mass now, I'm really enjoying it

Mon, Tues- Upper body pressing
Thur, Fri-Lower body
Sat-Bi's, Lats

Been on the program for roughly 2 months now. My bench is up about 20 pounds to 245 1RM, but I'm currently doing bench as my last exercise as opposed to first, havent tested how much it has really gone up yet. My squat is up 70 lbs to 345, my dl has stayed around the same, pulling after squats sucks. Anyways, getting great strength gains, adding some lbs too, not too shabby!

Highly recommend


I think the most important part of all that is how to do a perfect rep, it doesnt matter that much if you do the HPmass or the i BB training. The "how to do a Rep" is the most basic factor. Than i think that I BB was an introduction in CT s trainingtechnics. The HPmass ist the next coreprinciple so i believe. Pressing or pushing is one of the main movementpatterns of human beeings and to train that patterns as often as possible without drain yourself is a realy good advice.

Then the next important thing in my opinion after my own expierienc with that stuff is the eccentrcless and esp. the use of the sled. i am so glad to get this information and i feel the need of lots of own testing and making expieriences, but what i can say until now.

i is a really huge thing and im start testing today CT s idea for training arms with eccentriclesstraining the hole week and one weighttraining a the end of the week but i do it for legs because my left shoulder isn`t o.k. yet. But after all i testet this principles for myself i would say: learn the perfect rep and try the HPmass. The rest of your training test the sledthing.


After my first six week cycle my military press and bench press 3RM were both up 40 pounds. I actually did not test my front squat and deadlift to start, but my re-test has me using the same weight I was before, though it is feeling lighter (Disclaimer, I re-tested my legs after 2 weeks of not lifting legs because of competing in a Rugby 7s tournament in Vegas).

My back though has absolutely exploded. Pretty unreal how much more weight or reps I have to add every week to the foundation workout.


I've actually been on a fat loss diet and still increased my Bench Press 3RM 30 lbs in 6 weeks and Squat went up 40lbs and my bodyfat dropped from 18% to about 14%.


Did you only hit your lats on the foundation workout or also on the NC days?


I haven't retested my 1rm but I know on upper body pressing I have been adding 5 lbs to the bar each week and keep going up with the weight I can comfortably rep without a spotter. Lower body pressing on squats seems to progress slower for some reason.


Just wanted to share my enthusiasm for CT's training style...I am so fucking pumped! I'm modelling my approach after CT's powerbuilding press/hip split and after only 1 week have been hitting PRS in every movement.

Today I hit PR's in all my pressing movements despite having little sleep and training on empty stomach. I've always wanted to do a strict military press with my bodyweight (135 lbs)..today I did 135x3 strict over head reps. Then went on to hit a flat bench PR of 200x2 and then 185x8. Thank you CT!!!

This has really motivated me to train harder and go for the more "intermediate" strength benchmarks. And it is is just amazing how my physique is changing almost on a day to day basis.

Upper chest, traps, shoulders and tri's look so much now. I'm about the same leaness as my current profile pic but seemingly twice as big.

End of rant! Thanks CT!! Looking forward to learning more from you.


My son and I just finished another 6-weeks, 3rd phase. I hit some injuries during week 4 so my gains were flat but my son put another 15lbs on his bench and 20lbs on his deadlift, and bumped his deadlift 3RM to 210lbs, he's 15.


Good going dude!


I'm actually more excited about his gains than my own. :slight_smile:


Only on the foundation day (Sat for me).


Does anyone else feel like they could be doing more in terms of sets for the pressing days? I always end my workouts feeling better then when I started, is that normal? I guess I'm just not used to this type of training yet


I did the HP Mass, with rotating the assistance work around, for exactly 6 months now. My work capacity went through the roof, i remember the beginnings when my shoulders started to hurt, but in a positive way, i new i had to go through taht shit because of all the pressing. I now ended up improving all my lifts by 20kg after and I am also heavier by 3kg of lean mass, i kept my BF at 11%.

the only thing i changed up, was that I once inflammed my quadricep insertion in my knee so bad that I cant squat any more. So i stuck to Snatch-grip DLs ramping it up and going straight to a further ramp up in the Trap-bar deadlift... works perfectly for me. After dead the usual sled work, going by feel. Whats cool is that my knees feel pretty good, i can jump higher than ever before, now beeing able to dunk a ball, beeing 5'10 and 204lbs, guess thats ok. I still can not squat, but what the heck :smiley: as long as my legs are big and i can use them i dont give a damn.

I also used 2-3 scoops of Surge + 60g-70g of Anapure (its the casein hydro from proteinfactory) and it sure as hell helped.

Whats funny now, I used the extremely increased work capacity to go back to programming using controlled eccentrics and my weight has gone up 1kg of lean mass again in only 2 weeks, to bad my time in the United states where I can use the protocol are coming to an end in only 10 days, then its time to get back to Austria.

so do the HP mass program, jack up your work capacity, and use it with other strength protocols. I realized work capacity is the real key at the end.

In sum, i find my gains, 3kg from HPmass + 1kg now pretty impressive even though i cant compete with the gains Christian or the other guys had, BUT, even though i have a high work capacity now, i dont even want to know how high the capacity of christian for example is :smiley: Thats why he is able to make such quick differences in his physique, but its only logical.

peace out


Sounds pretty awesome! Did you do the neural charge sessions twice a week as outlined?

Also, what were your starting and ending MTWs?

Solid work, bud!


I believe CT said in a thread somewhere that's a good feeling to have after your workout. You don't need to feel destroyed after a session to see gains.