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HP Mass Program & Incorporating Cardio



I'm on week two of the HP Mass Program and I really haven't found time to squeeze in cardio on the Upper and Lower pressing days. I can incorporate cardio on the two NC and Lats/Bi's workouts because the timing just works better, basically three days a week. However, in thinking about what you said about feeling good after the workout, like you can do more / feel energetic, I'm concerned about how to do cardio. I typically jog or run on a treadmill for 30 minutes but when I'm done I definitely don't feel good, like I could do more if I had to. It's more likely that I feel pretty beat afterwards. What would you recommend for incorporating cardio? Specifically, intensity level and length.



with such high volume of lifting you really shouldn't need cardio

if you NEED it though for sport etc than do nc workout then cardio i'd say


I like to have a little bit just in case I get out and play some softball or basketball. Plus, I've noticed that when I do some consistent cardio it seems to help my midsection when I'm trying to drop some bodyfat.

Edit: But I have no problem cutting back to just NC days. I really don't like doing cardio anymore, it's a necessary evil.


have you done week 3 yet/ surely you can't fit cardio in that week

maybe you could cycle cardio

week 1 - 2/week
week 2 - 1/week
week 3 - off



With the NC workouts being twice a week I can easily get in cardio twice a week. However, my other question to CT is if I should. If we're suppose to feel fresh and primed for the rest of the week, should I do cardiO? When I'm done with cardio I don't feel fresh at all.


What is your purpose for including "Cardio" in this program?


well no then