HP Mass numbers wrong?

Are the numbers for the wave loading after the MTW for upper and lower body supposed to differ in terms of jumps? For example

Upper week 2

Lower week 2

So on upper one of the sets is repeated with same weight but on the lower lift it continues to ramp?

Sorry if this is confusing will clarify if needed.

to make it easy all i did was start at about 50 - 60% of my max training wt then had 6 sets with equal jumps in for each set

lower has larger jumps as the wt will be heavier is all

yeh i just thought although the jumps would be smaller or bigger depending on if you were doing the upper they would still follow the same pattern…

they won’t if they’e bigger jumps, he is referring to pds with those numbers so -40pds, -20pds, 0 etc

not kgs like us

thats not what I mean…

Im talking about how he wave loads after the MTW on the upper stuff some sets are repeated with the same weight while on the lower it is continually ramped

weeks 1, 3, 4, 6 are waves

weeks 2 and 4 are double ramps

both for upper and lower body

I figured it depended on the exercise and your MTW. For example, with the OHP and incline I only drop 10 and ramp each set with 5. For the flat bench, because my 3 rep max is over 200, I drop 20 and ramp with 10. For lower body, I drop 40 and ramp with 20 regardless of MTW. I just thought, because leg muscles are so much more powerful, they need a bigger ramp for your muscles to grow. Is this wrong?

all of the above i think

yes bigger mt loads will require bigger jumps

as long as the max training ramps are 5pds apart then i don’t think the earlier ramp sets matter a great deal, just get 5 progressive sets in

in HP for mass weeks 4,5,6 when it says MTW + 5 your not increasing the mtw by 5 pounds each week right? it is just the same mtw + 5 for those 3 weeka?

you increase each set 5pds from week 3 to week 4 and keep it there until you change cycles on week 7, so only 1 wt increase and that’s at week 4