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HP Mass MTW Calculation


I noticed with upper body pressing CT uses 87.5% of 3RM to calculate your MTW and with the lower body pressing he uses 80%. Is this a misprint? If not, why are the percentages different?


Well if you try 87.5% of your MTW for Lower Pressing, you'll know why it is meant to be 80% haha. I ended up doing 87.5% for 3 weeks on lower and was getting killed with squatting and deadlifting back to back days, and of course at the end of upper body pressing. At 87.5% for lower body, you might find it harder to recover especially if you are not used to squatting/deadlifting 3-4 times a week. I find that 7.5% difference made my recovery more possible along with sled work. Hope this helps or clears it up.



Thanks Paul. I have been doing 87.5% of 3RM on lower pressing all week and also feel drained, I will switch it to 80% and see how I feel. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't another misprint.