HP Mass Isolation Exercises/Circuit

Coach and/or all,
Just curious if anyone has suggestions about isolation circuits to best compliment the performance workouts. (Both upper and lower). For the next 3 months, I plan to do performance routines only; and as summer approaches, throw in some isolation work in the evenings for more definition.

check out posts by gaby in Thibs questions #4

@ swans05 - Thanks for the tip, man. I found the following from Coach T, which is exactly what I was after.

Upper body performance isolation circuits
A1. Floor flies 10 reps
A2. Cable cross-over 10 reps
A3. Regular flies 10 reps

  • Perform circuit 3 times

B1. DB deadstart lateral raise 8 reps
B2. DB standing lateral raise max reps with same weight
20 seconds rest
B3. DB deadstart front raise max reps with same weight
B4. DB standing lateral raise max reps with same weight

  • Perform circuit 3 times

C1. Decline DB triceps extension 6 reps
C2. Rope triceps extension 6 reps
C3. Overhead DB triceps extension 6 reps

  • Perform circuit 3 times

You perform these after the upper body pressing workout?

if you think you need them but if you’r tri’s don’t respond to all the pressing then there’s something wrong…i’m not doing any circuit stuff at all and probably won’t bother

They are a very good addition in each 1st week of the cycles, that has half the volume of week 3.

I’m glad to see that my questions have helped someone besides me. But please remember that was a recommanded split for somone who wanted to work out 3X per day.
For isolation stuff after the workout you can pick 1 exercise per muscle (maybe more if you target fewer muscle groups) and go through the circuit 2-3 times (again moreif you have fewer muscles hit and fewer exercises for them too) max rep style.

@swans05 I have to say that for beginners or people who don’t have a big (enough) triceps aditional isolation work might be needed as the recruitment capacity might not be developed enough, but only in the 1st (maybe even 2nd) week out of the 3 week cycle because the 3rd week has plenty of volume to get the triceps too.

I hope I helped.