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HP Mass & Football Prep



My 15 year old started lifting with me and we've been doing HP Mass together. He's made some great gains so far and is well on his way to being ready for football season. He ran into his coach today and the coach asked him if he's doing Power Cleans and we're not. He told his coach no and his coach said he needs to do Power Cleans. We do Hang Cleans on Neural Charge day but that didn't seem to be sufficient for my son, somebody else always knows better than dad or even CT in this case. LOL! Should I work-in Power Cleans somewhere else into the HP Mass program? It's not really a pressing movement is it? Any recommendations for how or even if we should include this somewhere in our routine would be great.



i'm not CT, but I think you can get away with doing them pretty much every session as long as you do them before your upper/lower pressing work... or as a part of lower body complex or something... at least thats what I was doing when I was doing them... I mean you can look at them as total body actiavtion exercise... since they're an OL variation...



100% correct... any olympic lifting variation can be done at the beginning of pretty much any workout... a great way to activate yourself forthe workout.


Thanks to Gavra as well for responding. So then basically just use it as an Activation exercise around 60% of the 1RM and not something to incorporate at 80% of the 3RM. Sounds good.

Is there ever a point where it's good to go heavier?



I'm not a coach, so I dont know what is good for somebody else, CT knows that better, since I never coached anyone, but I go heavier than 60% when I do it, I dont go as much volume as on other exercises, but as far as % I go heavier... it doesnt drain me... it doesnt hurt me... actually it activates me even more...

sometime... maybe I even do it between squat and DL on lower body pressing day, to reactivate myself for pulling...

so the best is to actually try it... as long as it doesnt hurt your performance... and you get some cleaning in there... you're on a good track... start from there...


That's interesting actually. If you go heavier and do it between lower body exercises it's almost like an assistance exercise / activation exercise all in one? That's a cool approach to it.


Because olympic lifts are explosive by nature you can go much heavier than with regular movements when it comes to activation... as much as 85-90% from time to time, and mostly 80-85%.


Thank you both; I really appreciate your feedback.