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HP Mass Eccentric-Less Training & Growth

I am confused about how eccentric-less training at such a low rep range is beneficial for muscle growth? I understand that doing a ton of sets will build an overall high TUT time… Is thinking behind this program that the heavier loads moved at rapid speeds to be a greater stimulus for muscle growth then the conventional slow eccentric, explosive concentric for moderate-high reps?


I was under the impression that eccentricless training is a means to increase the amount of volume in your workout without affecting recovery. Obviously, if all your training was eccentricless, it wouldn’t be ideal; however, take your typical day’s workload, then add some eccentricless training after. You’ve increased your workload for that workout by say 20% without affecting recovery the following days…you’ll stimulate new growth.

Right, its ON TOP of your workout. Think of it a “free” volume from a recovery standpoint. You get an extra dose of stimulation (its a low amount, but still “extra”) with no cost to your recovery ability, it actually might even help because it brings blood/nutrients to the muscle.

Its a long term strategy as well, its not the kind of thing you add in a notice results in 2 weeks. Think of it as an extra 5-10%… Not much in the short run, but in 2 years time an extra 5-10% would be nice, right?