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HP Mass Discussion


this thread isnt meant to cause shit or promote any one method, i just created it as more of an open ended discussion to all of the new programs as of late.

im just looking to see everybody's opinion regarding all the new programs and "methods" as of late. mainly the HPmass and accelerating the weight as fast as possible, many sets of low reps, eccentric less training, working muscles groups many times per week, stopping the set when you grind the weight up, etc.

are they truly revolutionizing training as the site promotes, or is it just confusing and distracting all the beginners who are trying to get big. it goes against everything the big guys on this site tell us to do, and what all the stickies (bodybuilding bible) have been teaching the beginners.

i read synergy's sticky and it seems he is into the HPmass, and he is huge AND lean, so its obviously working for him. im just interested to hear what the bigger, more developed guys have to say about all these new methods, and maybe help the guys wanting to get as big as them not fall into the trap of constantly switching to every new program that comes out.


I'm guessing most people find it confusing because he likes to post something different everyday and his stuff seems a bit more complicated than it needs to be. That's how HE trains I guess, but I find myself better off just not reading his articles.